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[11 Apr 2013]

Known for being the city with the highest rate of beautiful women in Ukraine, Nikolaev was visited by Brussels-based photographers Julie David De Lossy and Colin Delfosse who wanted to challenge stereotypes about the women who join dating agencies... [More]

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[5 Mar 2013]

Russian women who seek love online aren't the only ones who are stereotyped. Gentlemen who look for wives this way are often characterized as "typical MOB'ers" but this doesn't have to be you... [More]

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[2 Oct 2012]

Men come to Russian dating sites with a variety of expectations, some realistic, others not so much. How do your expectations hold up? [More]

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[9 Nov 2009]

An earlier post described some common myths about Russian women. Aren’t you curious to discover what Russian women think about you? Here are 3 things some Russian women think about American men. [More]

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[4 Nov 2009]

How well do you know your Russian women? Before creating your love connections with these beautiful Russian brides, understand the truth behind some common myths and misconceptions. [More]