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[14 Oct 2009]

If you are having trouble accessing your account here on, there are a few different reasons why you may not be able to log in. the easiest way to tell the difference is to look at the error message you are receiving:   Can't Login If you cannot log in and our website states “The credentials you provided are invalid” or “Your login attempt failed.” This may mean that there is an issue with your username or password. Please go ahead and type these in again, taking care to ensure the capitalization and the spelling of both of them is correct. If you are sure that both are correct, please contact us here at Customer Service and we will be happy to take a look and figure out what is causing you login issues.   Credential Errors If the error states “The credentials you provided are invalid-3” or “The credentials you provided are invalid-4”, this indicates that there may be an issue with your browser that is preventing the site from moving forward. Please make sure that all pop-up blockers are disabled and then try the steps below:   1) Go to the top of your internet browser and click on the option called “tools”. 2) Select “Internet Options” from the drop down menu. 3) The first page of the window that appears will be titled “General”.  Scroll down to “delete cookies” and “delete files”.  Make sure that you click on both of these options. 4) Click on the “Settings” tab next to the other buttons.   5) Underneath the title “Check for newer version of stored pages” make sure that the option “every visit to the page” is highlighted. 6) Click “Ok”. 7) Go back to the top of the window and click on the 3rd tab to the left titled “privacy”. 8) Once in the Privacy menu, you will be presented with three buttons, one of which is “advanced”, click this.  9) Ensure that “Always allow session cookies” is highlighted, as well as “allow 3rd party cookies”.   Locked Out If the site states “Your Account has been administratively locked”, this indicates that there may be an issue with your account that we may need to speak to you about. Please go ahead and contact our Customer Service department and we will do our best to work with you to reactivate you.   Not in Your Country? If the account states “This Service is Not Currently Available in your area”, this may indicate that you are trying to log in from an area or country that we are currently unable to provide service to. If you feel there is an error there, please contact our Customer Service department and we will do our best to work with you to provide access to our site.  

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[13 Oct 2009]

Thousands of gorgeous, intelligent and loving Russian girls are waiting to hear from you. Why wait? Buy or add to your credit package today to take your Russian dating experience to the next level. Isn’t finding the love of your life worth it? [More]

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[12 Oct 2009]

We have always accepted VISA and MasterCard Credit Cards and you are free to use those to purchase Credit Packages and pay for our Monthly Memberships such as the Silver, Gold or Platinum plans.   If you have a Verified PayPal account, you can also use this to purchase our Credit Packages. A Verified PayPal account is one that has been verified through PayPal’s process, these processes differ from country to country but usually involve associating a Credit Card or Bank Account with the PayPal account and completing PayPal’s expanded use process.   At, while we don’t currently accept checks or wire transfers for transactions on our website, you can certainly use your Checking Account if it has a Debit card attached. As long as the debit card you are using features a VISA or MasterCard logo, you will be able to make purchases on our site as if you were using a regular Credit Card. Just like Credit Cards, Debit Cards can be used to purchase both Memberships and Credit Packages.   Finally, you also have the option of obtaining a pre-paid Credit Card to use on our site. Please ensure that this card has either a VISA or a MasterCard logo on it and that after you purchase you contact the Card Issuer’s Customer Service department to set up your Billing Address.  

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[9 Oct 2009]

With a name like, of course marriage is on your mind. You may think you want to find a perfect match and propose right away, but many members have found it best to ease into this experience and enjoy the journey rather than rush to the finish line.   Long Term Members Some gentlemen enjoy the communications and companionship of the online dating world so much, they maintain their membership for a long time. There are beautiful new women joining every day so there is always new ladies to meet. One gentleman named Christopher said, “I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your service. I’ll be a long time member. Thanks again!”   Video Chat with Web Hostesses Many members are brand new to this type of unique and exciting dating experience and need more help and assurance than a typical “Frequently Asked Questions” section provides. Web Hostesses are an exclusive feature of They are available to chat with members 7 days a week, and can also be viewed during the chat via live video. This feature allows members to know that real, knowledgeable people are here to assist them in their journey to find a Russian or Ukrainian bride.   We receive daily praise from members regarding this special customer service approach, such as one gentleman named Scott who said, “You guys are the best in the business. I do appreciate your generous and courteous service. I will recommend your company to my friends.” Another gentleman named Michael has remarked, “Thank you for the good job you folks are doing and for the service you provide. Thank you for your time, assistance, and professionalism.”   Clarifying Your Concerns Representatives of are diligent in supplying answers and explanations to member questions and concerns. Resources are provided in categories such as Online Dating Tips and All About Russian Women so members can be more successful in their search. Informative articles and blogs are posted daily and concerns are confronted quickly. We surprise members with our thoroughness, as one gentleman named Damian told us, “Wow! You people are really over the top! Thank you for such a thoughtful and detailed reply to my concerns.”   Experience the entire spectrum of services on and you will be sure to agree with a member named John who said, “You have unquestionably the best website in the industry. Unreserved congrats!” You will be the one deserving the congratulating when you first find love, and then decide on marriage with your beautiful Russian bride.

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[7 Oct 2009]

Many gentlemen ask us whether the information posted on Hot Russian Brides will be kept private. The answer is: Absolutely Yes! As a legitimate company, we have a very strict privacy policy regarding our members sensitive information.   Anyone signing up with Hot Russian Brides should be aware that their personal information, such as their name, address, pictures and everything else will not be publicly viewable at all. Information such as last name, address and other details will only be available to administrators for billing purposes here, and ladies on the site will only be able to see your first name, pictures and the information displayed in your public profile.   Our male member's profiles are NOT available to the general public. The website from which the ladies access our services is completely password protected, and new ladies are not granted access to the website, any of the services or your profile until we have verified their identity as well as their willingness to participate in our program. For a lady to become a verified member of our site, they must go through an interviewing process and we must obtain their identification, have them sign an attestation of their intentions to use the site and we film them signing the attestation for our video verification system.

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[6 Oct 2009]

While we do not flat-out delete any emails, after 90 days in your inbox, the emails you receive from ladies on are put into an archive and will no longer come up in your inbox.   The 90 days gives members the ability to read, re-read and even save the pictures and attachments they receive from ladies on the site. If you wish to save your email from a lady, all you need to do is hit the "Save" button from the File menu normally located on the top left hand corner of your browser. Saving pictures is even easier, just open the picture, right-click on the picture and choose "Save Image As..." from the menu that pops up.   If you would like to get rid of an email before the 90 days are up, you also have this option. When you pull up an email, you will see a group of options on the right hand side of the page. The options will include Reply, Email History and a little further down you will see "Delete". Deleting the email will remove it from your mailbox and your email history. If you would like to avoid any further emails from this lady, the Block function from that same menu will allow you to add her to your Block list.