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[10 May 2016]

According to a recent survey, approximately 10% of all members on free dating sites scam other members. Those scams include women who use men for free meals and gifts, women who force men to pay other sites to talk with them and people that catfish other members and pretend that they look different than they actually do. After falling victim to one of these common scams, some men grow so upset that they decide to stop dating all together. Other men turn to sites that help them find mail order brides from Russia. One of the best things about sites that pair men with Russian mail order brides is that Russian women believe that trust is one of the most important components of any relationship. Anyone who ever tried dating online before knows that people tend to lie about things like their age and what they look like. There are stories from both men and women who met another member offline and didn't even recognize the person because the individual used older pictures. The Russian brides that use online dating sites always post recent and up to date pictures and go to great lengths to prove they are who they say they are. These women even love chatting over video apps and web cams to show off their bodies to the men they like. Though trust is important, mail order brides from Russia take pride in other aspects of a healthy relationship too. They believe that a good relationship is one that has a high level of intimacy. Being intimate involves more than just a sexual relationship though. Mail order brides want women who will treat them like queens or princesses. While they may not want a man who makes millions of dollars, they will want someone who will treat them right and someone who believes in trust and intimacy. Russia is a unique country because it has a rich and active nightlife. People travel from all over the world to party in nightclubs and bars. Women who grow up surrounded by that culture love letting loose at night, but they value a good and stable family life as well. That is why many mail order brides specifically state in their profiles that they want partners who like spending time at home. As much as they love going wild on weekends, they want to know that they can come home to a safe place too. A large percentage of mail order brides admit that they choose men from North America because they find those men more attractive than the ones in their own towns and countries. They also use the Internet because the men in their own towns want to live a party life and aren't ready to settle down. Russian brides know that they can find men online who will want to settle down with them and start building a life with them as soon as possible. Men can meet mail order brides who value intimacy and honesty online.  

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[24 Apr 2013]

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