March 2010

Conquering Online Dating Pitfalls: Three Essential Success Strategies

There is a saying which states, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”  This is especially true in online dating.  So if your online dating strategy keeps serving up duds, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your game plan.


Expand on Your Dream Girl.  Take a good, long […]

December 2009

Honesty and Russian Dating Online

For some people when dating on the internet and offline, it is customary to fudge at least a few details during their initial conversations. Everything from their real age to their status as the captain of the high school football team to their occupation and hobbies can

be fair game. Unfortunately, approaching dating in this manner […]

November 2009

Going the Distance: How to Make Love Last

 Love is like a plant. Without attention, it will wither and possibly die. What makes a great relationship last? It’s the little things that count — even in long-distance romances. 


A National Institutes of Health-funded study of nearly 400 couples over 22 years found that the happiest pairs share these traits:


Realistic expectations: Relationships and marriages crack under […]

Study: Handsome Doesn’t Always Win

Why would she want me? That’s what many men ask themselves when they take in the sheer number of beautiful women available on It’s enough to make any guy swallow hard. But here’s a new reason to feel confident.

The numbers game theory

A controversial study by the London School of Economics says overall, there are simply more beautiful […]

October 2009

Do Opposites Attract? Experts Say Maybe Not

While seeking your love on, you see a beautiful woman and want to get to know her better. But as you read her profile, you discover that her interests don’t really match your own. But you still want to give it a try. After all, opposites attract, right?


Ask the Experts

Before you give it a […]

10 More Behaviors That Turn Russian Women Off

Two weeks ago, we shared the top 10 turn offs for Russian women as determined by a recent survey conducted by While those turn offs made the top of the list, they are by no means the only behaviors to avoid. Below you will find 10 more traits that Russian women can’t stand, along […]

Never Act Like This in Front of Your Russian Woman: Tips from a Lady

As a woman, I would like to inform gentlemen that there are certain things a man should never do when he is with his favorite Russian woman.  I am not just talking about not doing these things on a first date. I am talking about NEVER DOING THESE THINGS. Let me […]

September 2009

5 Ways to Woo Your Beautiful Russian Bride

In a post “Women’s Lib” world, men have been conditioned into abandoning the old fashioned, traditional dating rules.  Gone are the days when gentlemen were expected to open a door for a lady or pull out her chair; now such chivalrous actions may be interpreted by women in the West as demeaning or insulting.  For […]

Five Types of Men that Women Don’t Marry

While there are many factors that may turn a woman off from a particular man, the following archetypes are notorious for convincing women that a man is not marriage material.


“Peter Pan” This is the type of guy who missed the train to adulthood.  He is obsessed with video games, gets enthusiastic about playing “beer pong” […]

August 2009

Must See Places in Pervomaysk: Dubrovka Resort

I would like to tell you about a wonderful place near Pervomaysk, Ukraine. It is located about 175 km. north of the city of Nikolaev. You must include a trip to this nature preserve on your “to-do list” when you visit!


The name of the resort is Dubrovka, and it is located in a very peaceful […]