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[22 Sep 2009]

Sady Pobedy is a stunning luxury shopping center located in Odessa.  Also known as “Victory Gardens,” this building is unique in Ukraine due to its scale, construction approach and format.  Featuring state of the art air filtration and eco-friendly lighting systems as well as five levels of boutiques, restaurants, bars, even an art gallery and concert hall, the building combines both beauty and function seamlessly.    The Art gallery on the fourth level was opened on March 25, 2007 with the exhibition of the works of Odessa artists. From the first day of its existence, the gallery gained impetuous working tempo. Within the period of six months there were four personal and three joint exhibitions. The works of more than 40 Ukrainian artists are represented on 250 m squared of the exhibition.   The gallery possesses a great collection of beautiful works of the best South -Russian artists of the 50’s – 70’s and the 20th century, such as Sheluto, Astmanchyk, Lomnkin, Rusin, Pavluk, Yegorov, Tokarev and others. The gallery works in different directions: there are exhibitions of famous artists, artistic family dynasties and naturally young talented artists.   Within a short period the gallery in “Sady Pobedy” took the leading place in cultural life of Odessa and gained popularity beyond the city.   Visitors to Sady Pobedy must also visit the restaurant of the same name on the fifth level.  Here you will find the delicious intersection of gastronomic pleasure and simple life ideals.    “Ordinary” cuisine by Aleksey Pusik and Svetalna Puliko is not that ordinary actually. The restaurant is looking forward to serving guests at breakfast, lunch and dinner by candlelight. The chef will certainly create new dishes in accordance with season. The head-cook will delight you with his favourite dishes, such as Mediterranean cuisine, Caucasian cuisine and traditional Ukrainian cuisine. There is also a lounge- café, where you can enjoy the Best Brand Coffee and cigars. The summer patio offers a separate bar, a patio for “relaxation” and a pre-party with a glamorous view of the city.   Also on the fifth level is an amazing concert hall surrounded by the adjoining restaurants.  From here, you may dine on a select concert menu while you enjoy musicians and dance performances in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.   We definitely recommend you stop by this world class establishment during your visit to Odessa, whether it is to go on a shopping excursion with your date, enjoy a romantic dinner, enjoy a concert together, view magnificent works of art… or even all of the above!      

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[15 Sep 2009]

In a post “Women’s Lib” world, men have been conditioned into abandoning the old fashioned, traditional dating rules.  Gone are the days when gentlemen were expected to open a door for a lady or pull out her chair; now such chivalrous actions may be interpreted by women in the West as demeaning or insulting.  For men who miss how it used to be, dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman can be a refreshing change.  The dating culture here still embraces the old fashioned approach.  Even a more modern thinking, independent Russian woman will appreciate the extra care and attention you pay her by following traditional courtship rules.    If you’ve grown too accustomed to the modern dating protocol in the West, here are some wooing tips that are sure to make your special lady swoon.   Take the Lead.  While the norm today may be to share in the planning of the evening and going “dutch” when it’s time to pay, this trend has not caught on everywhere.  Take control by planning out the date yourself – and footing the bill.  By making all the reservations and planning the schedule yourself, you not only avoid the “what do you want to do?” exchange; you also relieve her of the stress and responsibility involved in planning your first date, allowing her to relax and just focus on enjoying her time with you.    Make it Special.  Don’t treat your date like any other night out.  If you want to make a great impression on your date, dress to impress.  This doesn’t mean you’ll have to don a tuxedo (unless it’s appropriate for your destination!), but you should certainly ditch the jeans and t-shirt.  Dress well, be sure your clothes are ironed and your shoes aren’t scuffed, run a comb through your hair; you may even consider topping it off with a masculine cologne, but be careful not to go overboard.   Don’t Forget the Flowers.  Flowers play a much more significant role in Russian culture than they do in Western countries, so it is very important to present them to your date.  Keep in mind, no matter the variety you get, that the bouquet should be comprised of an odd number of flowers (even numbers are reserved for funerals and sorrowful events) and you should avoid presenting yellow roses (which can signify disinterest or the end of a relationship).   Sweep Her Off Her Feet.  You know the drill:  Open doors for her, pull out her chair, offer your jacket if it’s chilly or raining.  Don’t forget to use good table manners if you go out to eat and keep her glass full.  Another custom from a bygone era:  offer your arm to her as you walk together or as you step into or out of vehicles.  These may seem like little things, but she’ll appreciate your care and you’ll impress her with your charm.    Keep in Touch.  Don’t forget to get in touch with her the next day!  After your date or trip, call or send an email to tell her you had a wonderful time and that you’re interested in seeing her again.  This little courtesy is often neglected in the modern dating world, so if you follow this tip, you’re sure to stand out. 

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[1 Sep 2009]

While there are many factors that may turn a woman off from a particular man, the following archetypes are notorious for convincing women that a man is not marriage material. [More]

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[20 Aug 2009]

We utilize the help of skilled interpreters. Not only do they translate your message into Russian, they interpret the actual meanings of your sentences and translate them into a form that will be easily read and understood by the intended recipient. [More]

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[19 Aug 2009]

One of the best cafes in Pavlograd to meet with friends or go on a more casual date is the pizzeria “Celentano.”  It is a cozy café in the center of the city, with a great view of the entire central Cathedral Square.  The pizzeria takes its name from the Celentano brothers, who were legendary pizza tycoons in the 1950’s.   Upon entering, you are greeted by the friendly young staff, who are always happy to help you choose any of their delicious food and beverages.  The chef invites guests to try classic pizza recipes such as “Margherita,” “Sicilian,” or you may even construct your own pie from the wide assortment of toppings available.  Not in the mood for pizza?  Fans of traditional Russian fare will find several other selections available, such as soups, salads and a variety of hot dishes.  Whatever you choose, the café is well known for its speedy service and your order will be ready in no time!  Diners are also encouraged to try the healthy juices and flavorful desserts, such as ice cream with fruit, whipped cream, nuts and chocolate.  When you visit Pavlograd, don’t forget to stop in and try this pizzeria out for yourself!