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[30 Jul 2013]

Finding new ways to express your romantic feelings, especially over a large distance can be difficult. Virtual Cards on can be a great way to show your lady your softer side. With cute graphics and heartwarming sayings, the cards are specially crafted to make your Russian or Ukrainian sweetheart melt. And now, new virtual cards are filling up our store! More...

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[24 Jun 2013]

While no one can ever guarantee that every message a gentleman sends will get a response, there are ways to stack the odds of hearing back in your favor. Check out our five top tips. [More]

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[21 Jun 2013]

Happy Friday World! Today we bring you a gorgeous brunette from the capital city of Kyiv. She might be everything you want in a companion. How can you find out? By checking out her profile and sending her an email today! [More]

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[17 May 2013]

Success in dating is never guaranteed. But, gentlemen who employ the strategies and tactics inside significantly increase their chances of making a match. [More]

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[30 Apr 2013]

Here are three reasons the women of HRB may not reply to your messages and how to handle the lack of response. [More]

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[18 Apr 2013]

There are multiple ways to send a follow up email to a lady. Learn all the ways you can email in this short video tutorial. [More]

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[10 Apr 2013]

Here are three simple ways to catch a woman’s interest and entice her into responding to your messages.


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[5 Apr 2013]

Once you’ve gotten the hang of Hot Russian Brides’ email system, why not add a little something special to your messages? Check out HRB's Virtual Cards! [More]

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[2 Apr 2013]

New to Hot Russian Brides? Here’s what you need to know about one of HRB’s most important email features: the Intro-Letter. [More]

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[11 Mar 2013]

What will entice the ladies enough to get emailed back? There are a few things you can do to help harbor more hellos... [More]

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[24 Jan 2013]

Introduction letters, or intro emails, are your first chance to make a good impression. Here are 3 tips for great intro letters. [More]