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[9 Dec 2009]

"I'm a very sensual, caring, faithful, kind-hearted, easy-going, and goal-oriented lady." [More]

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[2 Dec 2009]

The upbeat 26 year-old beauty shares with us: "I am easy to get along with and extremely friendly..." [More]

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[24 Nov 2009]

When using a site like Hot Russian Brides, it is always important to approach dating with a sense of seriousness. While it is important to communicate in a lighthearted and friendly manner, treating your search... [More]

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[18 Nov 2009]

Beautiful brunette from Lugansk shares: I am easy-going and friendly, calm and inteligent. I am very interested in studying foreign languages and traveling... [More]

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[2 Nov 2009]

Sexy blonde Dasha54 shares with us: "I am very smiling and positive person. Always kind and enjoying my life..." [More]

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[29 Oct 2009]

I definitely stand out from the crowd. I am always different, but in any situation I stay calm. I am very resourceful and easily find a way out of any situation. I know that many things in our life depend on us... [More]

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[12 Oct 2009]

At the 2008 Olympics, Russian athletes did very well winning medals and glory for their country.  Last month Russian President Dmitry Medvedev awarded Russian Beijing Olympics winners and medalists with state honors. Not only are they gifted athletes but many of the Olympians are incredibly hot Russian women.  One Russian woman who can bring home the gold and look like a million rubles doing it is tennis star Elena Dementieva.   Early Life Born in Moscow in 1981, Dementieva got the tennis bug from tennis playing parents.  At the age of 7, she tried out for two tennis clubs, Dynamo Sports Club and the Central Red Army Tennis. Turned down for both she became a member of the Spartak Tennis Club where she refined her game for 3 years. By age 11 her game improved so much that the Central Red Army Tennis Club wanted to be a member.  At the age of 13, she played and won her first international tournament in France. In 1997, she entered the Women’s Tennis Association top 500.  Elena turned pro in 1998 and a year later she entered the WTA’s top 100.   Hitting the Big Time In the 1999 Fed Ex Cup, Elena made her mark on the world by upsetting favorite Venus Williams and securing Russia’s only point in the tournament. Soon she was competing in the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open where she reached the third round. In 2000, she entered the WTA top 20 and became the first Russian woman to reach the US Open semifinals. She took the Silver Medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and was named the WTA’s Most Improved Player for 2000.   Top Finishes Elena has won several tournaments on the tennis circuit. At the US Open she has been runner-up at the 2002, 2004 and 2005 tournaments, and the 2004 French Open. Last year she won the Gold Medal at the Beijing Olympics. Currently, Dementieva is ranked 4th in the world by the WTA.   Off the Court Off the tennis court Elena divides her time between homes in Monaco, Moscow and Boca Raton, Florida.  Elena has two dogs that she calls home to speak with everyday while traveling and despite having a home in Monaco she is not a gambler. Her big weakness is dark chocolate. She says whenever she is in Switzerland she buys extra packages.   Elena has been feature in several magazines including the January 2009 issue of Marie Claire Magazine’s Russian edition. Remember here on you can see some of Elena’s fellow beautiful countrywomen and time you want.

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[12 Oct 2009]

Truthful, sincere, honest, reliable, able to deal with an occasional bad day, willing, ambitious, with good sense of humor, able to keep secrets if asked to. I am gentle-hearted, hating quarrels and conflicts, very optimistic indeed and open girl. Im very romantic, tender and sensitive. I am patient, and I am ready to wait for my true soul mate as long as it is needed. [More]

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[2 Oct 2009]

At we are extremely proud of our status as one of the most cost-effective services in the international dating world, but occasionally we are asked about our prices and how we provide the services that our members enjoy. Unlike domestic dating sites, where people sign up to meet others in the same state or country, an international dating site like us have to cover a variety of costs that domestic sites do not. Many ladies in Ukraine and certain parts of Russia do not have home internet connections. This means that for ladies in those parts of the country to participate in our service, they must access the site from one of our agency offices. We must provide office space with electricity and computers for the ladies to use to access the site and an internet connection fast enough and powerful enough to support our revolutionary video chat system. Translation and Interpretation can be a huge expense. If a lady’s English is poor-to-average, she will likely need the services of an interpreter who can not only translate the message directly, but also interpret and explain the message in the context of the conversation as many English words, phrases and colloquialisms don’t translate directly into Russian. Rather than just providing translation software, which can translate the words but not always the meaning of those words, Hot Russian Brides employs human interpreters to truly allow personal conversation without confusion or errors. Dating internationally is a unique experience, one which can rarely be compared to local dating due to the cultural differences involved, the distance between the two participants and the time and patience involved but when both participants are willing to put the work into it, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life.

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[22 Sep 2009]

I am tender, carrying, independent, loving, kind and sweet girl with a good sense of humor. I think that real love is like a butterfly, you can enjoy it but you can’t touch it. [More]

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[16 Sep 2009]

Reports of a fire at attorney Brian Witzer’s Hollywood Hills home have turned up another unexpected source of heat on the internet this morning:  the attorney’s smoking hot fiancée, Larysa Poznyak.    This Ukrainian born model and self proclaimed “Hollywood’s Youngest TV Host” won the title of “Miss Moscow Beauty” in 2003.  This 24 year old beauty is the face of FashionTV and she has modeled for countless magazines and designers over the years.   With a smoking hot Ukrainian bride-to-be like Larysa, we’d suggest guests bring fire extinguishers as wedding gifts.