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[23 Jul 2013]

Meet today's Lady of the Day, KristinkaSun. Are you what she is looking for: "It would be desirable to get acquainted with a man, who likes children, respects women, can be clever, active and has a great sense of humour." [More]

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[22 Jul 2013]

Today's lady of the day describes herself as "very creative and talented". Find out what she loves by sending her an email or striking up a chat. [More]

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[19 Jul 2013]

2,953 votes were cast in the past week to help us narrow down the Top 9 Hottest Bikini Body contestants. Did your favorite lady make the cut? [More]

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[18 Jul 2013]

Enjoy the final set of contestant photos before the First Round of voting closes. The First Round of voting for the Hottest Bikini Body contest ends in 24 hours! [More]

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[17 Jul 2013]

There are 48 hours left to vote for your favorite Hottest Bikini Body! Still trying to decide? See if any of the ladies below strike your fancy. And remember, all the ladies are members of [More]

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[16 Jul 2013]

Make sure you vote for your favorite every day! But hurry, First Round voting ends a 10am on July 19. [More]

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[15 Jul 2013]

And the hotness continues! We are on the fourth day of First Round voting for the Hottest Bikini Body contest. Hopefully you have been voting every day. Have you found your favorite? If not, perhaps this set of ladies will help you decide. [More]

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[14 Jul 2013]

Yesterday we showcased the first set of contestants for our "Hottest Bikini Body" contest. Here is the next set of gorgeous gals hoping to get your vote. Oh yeah, have you voted today? Well, get to it! [More]

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[13 Jul 2013]

Over the course of the first round of the Hottest Bikini Body contest, we will showcase the entire set of contestants, a few per day. Enjoy the first set of ladies! And don't forget you can vote every day. [More]

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[12 Jul 2013]

Leading international dating site® is launching its “Hottest Bikini Body” contest showcasing the amazing figures and personalities of 57 of its most stunning single ladies and over 2 hours of bikini videos. [More]

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[10 Jul 2013]

For our Lady of the Day, Marcellina, to find true love, he needs to meet one very important requirement. What is it? Read on to find out. [More]