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[18 Jul 2013]

In international dating, sometimes small changes in strategy can yield big rewards. Try out a few new things this weekend, and see how it helps your search for love online. [More]

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[8 Jul 2013]

Meet today's Lady of the Day: Margarita33 from Odessa, Ukraine. [More]

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[25 Jun 2013]

Want your profile to stand out? Employ these three strategies. [More]

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[24 Jun 2013]

While no one can ever guarantee that every message a gentleman sends will get a response, there are ways to stack the odds of hearing back in your favor. Check out our five top tips. [More]

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[19 Jun 2013]

What you put in the "Looking for" section of your international dating profile says as much about you as it does the lady you are seeking. Here's how to make a great impression and attract the lady you desire. [More]

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[18 Jun 2013]

While Russian girls do have certain characteristics that tend to attract multitudes of men, much of the standard dating advice applies... [More]

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[17 Jun 2013]

Some men think of Russian dating as a complex riddle that only a few men can crack. However, it’s not that complicated. Though Russian dating has its challenges, men can greatly improve their odds of finding a match by following these three surprisingly simple tips. [More]

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[20 May 2013]

Check out some surprising statistics about international and other long distance relationships, and ways to make things work while you wait to be together. [More]

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[14 May 2013]

The Memorial Day promotion is designed to give members that currently serve or have served in the military a small token of gratitude for putting their lives on the line for the freedom of all U.S. citizens... [More]

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[13 May 2013]

Ready to join Hot Russian Brides and find the right lady for you? The first step is developing a unique and enticing profile. [More]

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[24 Apr 2013]

With so many international dating sites to choose from, why do men choose to search for their soul mates on [More]