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[30 Jan 2013]

Does your favorite Ukrainian lady live in Kiev? Here are a few ideas for lodging, food and things to do when you visit her. [More]

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[15 Jan 2013]

Inspired by temple architecture of Kyivan Rus, Zoloti Vorota features large chandeliers and colorful mosaics. [More]

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[7 Jan 2013]

Stockholm, Sweden is undeniably a city with some of the most beautiful women in the world. But, one city edged them out for title of Most Beautiful Women. [More]

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[28 Dec 2012]

Kentucky Fried Chicken joins other American fast food purveyors in Ukraine's growing market. [More]

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[20 Dec 2012]

The new Ukrainian edition of "Vogue Magazine" intimates a greater market in that country for luxury goods. [More]

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[19 Dec 2012]

Travelers have named Kiev, Ukraine as Europe's top rising destination. [More]

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[14 Dec 2012]

15 single women from the Kiev Oblast. [More]

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[12 Dec 2012]

Notice your favorite Kiev girl isn’t online? A blizzard may be to blame. According to local reports, the city is paralyzed by meter-high drifts of snow, prompting officials to declare a state of emergency. [More]

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[14 Nov 2012]

I am looking for a man who is self-confident, has achieved some goals in life, is strong with a good sense of humor, and who can laugh at himself and show his weaknesses. [More]

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[16 Oct 2012]

I am a woman who is passionate about life and adventure. I am serious, responsible, with strong morals and values, a good sense of humor, and a touch of mischief and adventure. [More]

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[10 Oct 2012]

Not sure if you prefer a city dweller or country girl? Here are a couple of things to consider. [More]