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[2 Apr 2012]

Despite its quirky name, Hot Russian Brides isn’t a one-stop trophy wife shop, and men hoping to land a Russian bride must offer something more than an impressive bank account. [More]

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[23 Mar 2012]

If you’re getting serious with a Russian woman, make sure the two of you are on the same page when it comes to your relationship and the future. [More]

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[9 Mar 2012]

Outrage over "Win a Wife" contests proves that most people are confused about international dating. [More]

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[6 Mar 2012]

Here are a few tips for finding your own special Russian lady, as reported by HRB’s Featured Couples. [More]

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[25 Jan 2012]

Thanks to the myths about Russian scammers and mail order brides, it can be tough for men to talk freely about Russian women and Russian dating. [More]

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[22 Jul 2011]

One of the biggest perceptions about the Russian dating industry is that men can purchase a woman to be his bride, either directly or indirectly. However, this is far from the truth [More]

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[7 Oct 2010]

"I am looking for a gentle, loving, caring man. That can become a real lover to me...I look for family values...a man that is romantic, a man that likes walks on the beach..." [More]

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[17 Aug 2010]

Here are the benefits to establishing an online relationship first. [More]

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[9 Aug 2010]

Gentlemen who have trouble forming serious relationships with hot Russian brides may be treating this experience more like “shopping” rather than “dating”… [More]

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[24 Jun 2010]

A Ukrainian women shatters common stereotypes about international dating and Ukrainian women when she goes undercover as a prospective bride. [More]

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[9 Jun 2010]

While men often vent about Russian online dating through blogs and forums, many of the ladies actually do the same! Here are some of the popular topics of discussion that will help you see this matchmaking experience from her side… [More]