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[28 Oct 2009]

Hot Russian Brides are hot news! The women’s interest channel WeTV on October 28 featured the second in a series called The Secret Lives of Women: Mail Order Brides, and featured a photo of MargaritaVe, one of the hottest ladies available on HotRussianBrides.com. [More]

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[20 Oct 2009]

It’s no secret that many people are suspicious of the world of international matchmaking. Though international matchmaking sites, i.e. "mail-order brides sites," are really not that different than domestic dating sites (after all, both facilitate communication between two romance-minded strangers), society tends to view so-called mail-order bride sites as sordid or distasteful. But why?   Reasons for Misgivings In an article entitled “My Friend is a Mail-Order Bride,” an American woman living abroad worries about a friend’s decision to marry a man she met on an international matchmaking site. The author is bothered by the business-like arrangement of the marriage and wonders if her friend is settling for a loveless marriage with a man who won’t support her emotional needs. She also questions her friend’s motives, wondering if the woman is only out for money. In the end, however, the author backs away from her “Western mind-set” and realizes that her friend is in a different situation than most Western and women and shouldn’t be judged by the same standards. The author eventually comes to accept her friend’s untraditional relationship and even admires the woman’s courage in taking fate into her own hands. The more the author knows about her friend’s situation the more accepting she becomes.   Educate Your Friends If you face criticism from your family or friends for seeking a Russian bride, educate them about it. Let them know that you aren’t picking a woman from a catalog and having her shipped to your door. Share her story. Explain that many women in Russia seek foreign husbands, not because they want money and a green card, but because they want a man with traditional family values. Let them know that Russian women outnumber Russian men 4:1 and that a family-orientated is hard to find in Russia. As the author in the article demonstrates, the more people know about international matchmaking services, the more likely they are to accept them.    

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[16 Oct 2009]

Selling women is unethical, degrading, and absolutely illegal. Websites that suggest you can purchase a mail order bride and have her shipped to your door are bogus. Sites that sell ladies’ phone numbers and addresses are scandalous. HotRussianBrides.com is not one of those sites.   Finding a love connection with a woman in another country is commonly termed “mail order bride” but don’t mistake the mission of this unique service.   HotRussianBrides.com is an online matchmaking service, allowing you to search through a database of over 13,000 beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women who are looking to build loving relationships and possibly, in time, become your bride.   We are dedicated to facilitating genuine correspondence between Russian women and Western men while abiding by the highest ethical standards and conducting ourselves in an honest, professional, and socially responsible manner. This has made HotRussianBrides.com that fastest growing international correspondence site on the Internet.   By offering the most innovative tools in the industry, including Live Video Chat and Introduction Videos, HotRussianBrides.com isn’t just ahead of the curve, “we’re in a whole different league.”

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[9 Oct 2009]

“Russian Brides” are treated like women and not commodities on the Websites operated by Romantic Tours, Inc.: hotrussianbrides.com and russianlovematch.com. Because of this, many of Russia and Ukraine’s top dating agencies have chosen to partner with Romantic Tours, Inc. [More]

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[21 Sep 2009]

At Hot Russian Brides, we pride ourselves on having one of the best and most user-friendly websites in the online dating world, along with some of the most attractive Russian women as members.   If you find this and have any questions about whether the lady you are speaking with is real or not, be assured that Hotrussianbrides.com ensures that all of the ladies on our website are real by obtaining their picture IDs and filming the ladies signing their attestation agreements. Very few of our competitors can offer customers the same assurances!   Sometimes our members do feel the necessity to look in multiple places to meet the love of their life.  This is totally up to them, although we don’t recommend it. We feel that the time spent learning two separate website systems and understanding the different procedures and processes for separate services could be better spent focusing on meeting ladies and getting to know them.   We have the same policies in place for the ladies on the site. While we feel we are the best choice in online romance today, if any ladies on the site wish to sign up with a second service, we don’t think it’s fair to stand in the way of people’s search for love.   Using multiple website services can have mixed results. While it does allow you access to an even larger pool of people, it can also dilute your focus and stop you from connecting with ladies on a personal level. The cost can also be a factor; while some other services may manage to offer similar pricing to us, they normally cannot offer the same features or the diversity in ladies, plus if you are participating in two separate sites, you will obviously incur two separate membership charges. HotRussianBrides.com currently has around 13,000 active female members but offers some of the most cost-effective membership options of any international dating website.

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[14 Sep 2009]

I’m special and this is what my family teach me…I’m here cause I believe I will find my man who will be older than me and will know what he wants from his life… Man who already got the most important lesson from life... [More]

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[10 Sep 2009]

The National Geographic Channel (NatGeo) debuted a new series "Email Order Brides" last night. The show offers an objective view at the process and motivation behind seeking marriage in the former Soviet Union using online dating services and marriage agencies. [More]

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[3 Sep 2009]

This was my second trip to Lugansk. This time to see only one lady. Anna and I met on my first visit last November. We have been chatting ever since I left. Somehow on our meeting I knew instantly she was the right lady for me. [More]

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[1 Sep 2009]

I did meet Maria in Saint Petersburg and we had a wonderful time, we have started forms for getting her a visa to the US. I am very happy with her and she is a wonderful woman. I had my doubts about your site, but I think I have been very lucky finding her. [More]

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[24 Aug 2009]

Today's LotD is a cosmetologist from Nikolaev who is looking for a travel companion: "most of all in my life I love to travel... but it is very boring and I feel lonely when I travel alone... [More]

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[13 Aug 2009]

There are hundreds of online dating Websites on the Internet, for all tastes, shapes and preferences. Many of the most popular ones have certain shortcomings that HotRussianBrides.com does not.

HotRussianBrides.com provides advanced communication tools that empower open-minded, eligible bachelors to try something new and different by virtually dating single Russian and Ukrainian women. [More]