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[27 Jun 2013]

Sadly, some men still view Russian dating as a means of buying a wife. However, this isn’t how we operate. [More]

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[25 Jun 2013]

Though Russian dating is slowly gaining acceptance, the industry still has its share of critics. Here are three of the most common objections to Russian dating and why these objections are often flawed.

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[19 Jun 2013]

Are you ready to start your Russian dating adventure? Joining Hot Russian Brides is both simple and fun. Here’s a brief guide on how to get things going. [More]

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[11 Apr 2013]

Known for being the city with the highest rate of beautiful women in Ukraine, Nikolaev was visited by Brussels-based photographers Julie David De Lossy and Colin Delfosse who wanted to challenge stereotypes about the women who join dating agencies... [More]

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[5 Mar 2013]

Russian women who seek love online aren't the only ones who are stereotyped. Gentlemen who look for wives this way are often characterized as "typical MOB'ers" but this doesn't have to be you... [More]

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[27 Feb 2013]

Over 17,000 women are looking for love on HRB, but these 10 Ukrainian beauties are among the most popular. Is your future match among them? [More]

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[20 Feb 2013]

Eastern Europe isn’t the only region struggling against mail order bride stereotypes. Women from Southeast Asia must also contend with foreigners’ preconceived notions about who they are and what they’ll bring to a relationship. [More]

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[7 Jan 2013]

Here are six myths we've repeatedly encountered in our 10 years of helping international couples connect and why the myths just aren’t true. [More]

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[19 Nov 2012]

The international dating industry has evolved a lot over the years, but some folks haven’t kept up with the times. Here are three things that may have once been true of Russian dating, but definitely aren’t true anymore. [More]

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[19 Oct 2012]

Bachelors looking for love online often find themselves drawn to Russian and Ukrainian dating websites, although they wonder why these international matchmaking services charge membership fees... [More]

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[2 Oct 2012]

In love, there are no shortcuts. If you want your relationship to last, take things slowly. The way to a strong romantic connection with Russian bride involves getting to know one another over a period of time. [More]