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[28 Aug 2012]

Ever wonder why Russian and Ukrainian women look for love abroad? Here are a few reasons from the ladies themselves. [More]

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[24 Aug 2012]

Everything you ever wanted to know about our ladies, service, and features, as well as Russian dating tips and advice. [More]

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[14 Aug 2012]

Do you have what it takes to find love on Find out by taking our short quiz. [More]

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[1 Aug 2012]

We asked Blog readers about their perceptions about some controversial aspects on International Dating. Reponses came from all over the World and from a diverse range of ages. [More]

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[25 Jul 2012]

The international dating industry is plagued by myths and stereotypes. Therefore, it’s not surprising that people are still confused about what it means to date foreign women online. [More]

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[10 Jul 2012]

Most Russian women have never heard the term mail order bride and would be shocked if they knew that many Westerners think of them as commodities. [More]

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[9 Jul 2012]

Here are few tips to help you craft a solid introduction letter and make a great first impression. [More]

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[23 May 2012]

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the women of Eastern Europe aren’t exactly thrilled with the term “mail order bride.” That's why it's important for gentlemen to steer clear of mail order bride jokes and jests. [More]

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[16 May 2012]

It's important that gentlemen choose their words wisely lest they give outsiders the wrong impression about Russian dating and the men who look for love abroad. [More]

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[11 May 2012]

Finding a Russian love match can be a lengthy process and both parties must be patient and willing to invest time in the search. [More]

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[25 Apr 2012]

There are many reasons a lady might decide to try her luck on Hot Russian Brides. Here are a few. [More]