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[25 Apr 2012]

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Russian dating industry is that men can somehow buy women. They can’t [More]

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[12 Apr 2012]

Here are three examples of fictional mail order brides (with video) and how they perpetuate international dating stereotypes. [More]

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[14 Mar 2012]

Some men who join are confused about how Russian dating really works. Do you believe these common misconceptions? [More]

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[18 Nov 2011]

Gentlemen who treat Russian ladies with respect and correspond politely are the ones who end up marrying their perfect match... [More]

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[26 Sep 2011]

While some shady outfits may indeed sell women for marriage, they are not legal or legitimate businesses and Hot Russian Brides is certainly not one of them. [More]

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[22 Sep 2011]

Russian women are a lot of things - beautiful, smart, charming, funny, and much more - but here are a few things they are not... [More]

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[19 Sep 2011]

Some men see the name and assume that we’re an adult chat room or a website offering mail order brides. However, this is far from accurate. [More]

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[12 Sep 2011]

A Canadian radio station has sparked controversy by hosting a “Win a Wife” competition that will give one lucky listener the chance to meet, and possibly marry, a Russian woman. Sound familiar? [More]

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[19 Aug 2011]

How much do you know about Ukraine? The Kyiv Post believes these are the top 10 things foreigners know, or think they know, about the country... [More]

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[15 Jul 2011]

Despite what some may think, Russia isn't brimming with aspiring spies or vodka-drunk mail order brides. [More]

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[27 Jun 2011]

According to a new study, the Russian bride industry is clouded by stereotypes and misconceptions that give both Russian women and Western men a bad name. [More]