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[1 Oct 2009]

Yes, it’s that time of year when pumpkins appear and things go bump in the night. Russia like most countries has its share of folklore and scary stories. With a culture and a nation that is well over a thousand years old, one would expect such tales. [More]

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[28 Sep 2009]

Joining initiatives in much of Western Europe to reduce the amount of garbage accumulating in major city centers, Moscow city officials, headed by Mayor Yury Luzhkov have unveiled a new plan to push supermarkets into stopping distribution on plastic bags and to charge customers for the use of new, biodegradable bags.   The new bags would decompose in 6-12 months, compared to the 200 year life-span of a regular plastic bag, according to city officials and the money made from the sale would be donated to charity. Many Moscow supermarkets follow the European model of charging customers for plastic bags to encourage re-use of old bags and have largely voiced their support for the new plan.   Initiatives like this have been introduced in Moscow previously, with linen bags being offered to customers in place of the plastic bags. This proved extremely unpopular and was largely viewed as a failure.   With the production of the new biodegradable bags promising increased employment and several businesses around Moscow declaring their readiness to produce the bags, city officials hope that the new initiative will prove more successful.

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[11 Sep 2009]

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez showed his lighter side while at a University in Moscow during his recent visit. Mr. Chavez was captured singing (thanks to Russia Today) and bringing the house down with his performance in front a group of students. [More]

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[26 Aug 2009]

The world famous Cirque du Soleil will open its first Russian production at Moscow's Luzhniki sports complex on October 23, the general director of the company's Russian subsidiary said on Friday.   "The Russian audience will see the Varekai show, created in Montreal in 2002 by the theater producer Dominic Champagne," Natalya Romanova of Cirque du Soleil Rus said, adding that the performance has already been staged in 45 cities across the world. "This parable touches each of us. If a person comes to a new country or a new group, he has to get used to the people, find a common language with them, and show what he is capable of."   The staging of Varekai in Russia will cost more than $10 million and involve 71 trailers transporting more than 1,000 tons of equipment. The show requires more than 600 costumes, including footwear, wigs and hats. There are 127 employees, including 56 performers, representing 21 countries in the troupe, and Romanova said 25-30% of the artists taking part in the Varekai show were born in Russia or other former Soviet republics.   "This show is full of very complicated acrobatic and gymnastic turns, and the Russian circus school remains one of the best," Romanova said. She pointed out that the Cirque du Soleil's first tour in Russia coincided with its 25th anniversary, and said founder Guy Laliberte would attend the premiere.   Romanova said on Friday that Cirque du Soleil was looking at creating a permanent stage for its performances in Moscow as part of developing its business in Russia.   "An original show conceived precisely for the Russian stage was developed and presented to Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov in December 2008," Romanova said. For now, the details of the special show are being kept under wraps.   Source: RIA Novosti

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[21 Aug 2009]

“How Do You Do… Moscow” is an art exhibit which opens August 21st at The Moscow Museum of Modern Art. [More]