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[3 Jun 2013]

I can help in difficult times. I'm gentle, candid, confident, honest, and communicative. [More]

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[26 Apr 2013]

Sometimes men think if the woman is strong she doesn't need support and help. But I want to be a little kitten in his hands, to be loved and warmed. Are you this man who will make everything for me? [More]

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[15 Apr 2013]

I long for a man that I can trust with all my heart. I believe in marriage and family life. I value respect, faithfulness, genuine love, and trust. [More]

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[11 Apr 2013]

Known for being the city with the highest rate of beautiful women in Ukraine, Nikolaev was visited by Brussels-based photographers Julie David De Lossy and Colin Delfosse who wanted to challenge stereotypes about the women who join dating agencies... [More]

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[15 Mar 2013]

I am looking for someone who is serious about his search over here. I want someone who is sexy, active, and smart. [More]

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[8 Feb 2013]

I have many interests, such as yoga, knitting, and theater. With me, you will never get bored and will always have exclusive sweaters to wear and things to discuss. [More]

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[1 Feb 2013]

Going to meet a lady who lives in Mykolaiv? There is plenty to do in this riverfront metropolis. Read more for some suggestions for great destinations for Mykolaiv dates. [More]

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[25 Jan 2013]

My heart is like a snowdrop that’s waiting for the first sunshine in spring to open its petals to fill the air with a delicate scent. [More]

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[24 Jan 2013]

My heart is full of love and tenderness. I dream to be a caring companion of life. To be together in joy and in trouble. [More]

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[22 Jan 2013]

I am a bright and communicable person looking for an intelligent and romantic man with a lovely smile. [More]

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[19 Nov 2012]

I am sure that my man is waiting for me somewhere and is also searching for me. So, I want to make a step and to find him [More]