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[19 Apr 2013]

The Sochi Olympics kick off next February, and thousands of volunteers are eager to get started. [More]

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[25 Sep 2012]

Flash mobs, relay races, and more occurred all over the country as the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi reaches its 500 day countdown. Plus, a curious slogan has been revealed… [More]

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[3 Aug 2012]

Thanks to its female athletes, Ukraine has six Olympic medals so far – two gold and four bronze. [More]

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[22 May 2012]

The Kremlin has banned vodka and wine from all receptions involving Russia’s athletes and delegates. Could the nation's poor performance at the 2010 Olympics be to blame? [More]

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[26 Mar 2010]

The Russian city of Sochi hosted a special cermony today to welcome the Olympic and Paralympic flags to the home of 2014 Winter Games... [More]

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[1 Mar 2010]

Though Olympic officials are happy with Sochi’s progress to date, some observers are skeptical about Russia’s ability to host the next Games. [More]

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[22 Feb 2010]

To date, Zaitseva is the only Russian woman to win a medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics. [More]

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[11 Feb 2010]

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have yet to begin, but already Russia has plenty to celebrate. The Sochi World, Russky Dom project opens today, introducing guests to the people and culture of the site of the 2014 Winter Games. [More]

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[10 Dec 2009]

Valenki are making a comeback in Russia and Russian athletes may even sport the traditional winter footwear at the 2014 Olympic Games. [More]