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[10 Mar 2011]

Since communication is essential for successful relationships, and Slavic languages can be difficult to translate, some dating sites get away with charging extra for this valuable feature... [More]

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[9 Mar 2011]

If you’ve tried other online dating services, you'll see how gets right to the point of helping you find a match... [More]

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[22 Feb 2011]

The University of Rochester also found that women associate men in red with status and power, qualities that women the world over find particularly attractive. [More]

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[16 Feb 2011]

Think again. One recent study found that that middle-age singles are the age group most likely to find love online. [More]

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[10 Feb 2011]

While singles on other dating websites may have to worry about being fooled, the gentlemen on HotRussianBrides are protected from common online dating deceptions. [More]

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[21 Jan 2011]

New video from our Ternopol, Ukraine agency! [More]

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[22 Dec 2010]

Video of Hot Russian Brides from Khmelnitsky, Ukraine [More]

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[15 Dec 2010]

De_Paradis is one of 14,000 single Russian and Ukrainian women looking for love on [More]

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[23 Nov 2010]

Don’t let these common concerns keep you from experiencing the thrill of dating Russian and Ukrainian women online… [More]

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[19 Nov 2010]

Why should men choose a Russian dating site when there are so many local options? Here are 3 benefits to “going Russian." [More]

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[18 Nov 2010]

Finding love online doesn’t only work for whippersnappers. More mature gentlemen are also meeting their matches this way… [More]