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[19 Mar 2010]

Ladies born under the sign Aries are typically compatible with men born under the same sign, as well as those that are a Sagittarius, Gemini, or a Leo. Have you met these attractive Aries yet? [More]

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[12 Mar 2010]

March 12 celebrates 2 Russian women's names. Marina is more popularly seen than Kira, but both have long histories around the world... [More]

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[12 Feb 2010]

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, these lovely Russian and Ukrainian ladies share their photos with the international symbol for love... [More]

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[12 Jan 2010]

As the Russian Brides on our website frequently post some of the most stunning and beautiful portraits of themselves, some of our customers have inquired about the origin of many of these pictures. [More]

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[30 Dec 2009]

Earlier this afternoon, we posted an article full of tips for dating women in their 20’s, 30’s and beyond. To go along with that theme, here are a few pics showcasing beautiful women of all ages. Enjoy! [More]

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[16 Dec 2009]

Dressed as Santa, wrapped in tinsel, and posing by the Christmas tree... enjoy these hot Russian brides showing you their holiday spirit. [More]

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[20 Oct 2009]

The popular male humor Website, TheChive.com, recently posted a pictorial of some of the most beautiful ladies on HotRussianBrides.com. Although it refers to the ladies as mail order brides and is meant to be funny, the post created quite a stir.   Check it out: http://thechive.com/2009/10/15/real-russian-mail-order-brides-make-me-want-to-add-to-cart-16-photos/   As a member of HRB, you know that we (despite our catchy name) doesn't sell mail order brides. We find it downright appaling. However, the mainstream has not caught up to the latest online dating trends yet. Until then, we will be made fun of from time to time, but you know the truth: Russian women are beautiful and they are available to chat and get to know on HotRussianBrides.com.   Thanks to the staff at TheChive for posting our pictures and helping us raise awareness about Russian Dating and our stellar services.