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[21 Nov 2018]

Just because it's winter doesn't mean we can't heat things up a bit by getting to know these incredibly sexy women in bikinis. [More]

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[11 Jul 2013]

Ever wonder where the women of HRB are from? Here's the answer... [More]

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[20 Jun 2013]

Though most Westerners picture Russian brides with men from Australia, North America, or Western Europe, the ladies of Eastern Europe are also popular among Chinese men. Here’s why more Chinese men and Russian women are tying the knot. [More]

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[17 Jun 2013]

During the Miss USA pageant this past Sunday in Las Vegas, Donald Trump announced that this year's Miss Universe competition will take place in Moscow, Russia for the first time... [More]

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[12 Jun 2013]

Any festival can be fun if it’s filled with beautiful Russian women, right? But what do you think about the first ever Russian Mosquito Festival? [More]

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[9 May 2013]

Kulich and pysanky are Russian Easter staples. Check out what these two ladies made for Easter last weekend. [More]

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[3 May 2013]

Wondering what Featured Lady Kitty Vikie meant when she called herself a Decembrist wife? Here’s the meaning behind this famous Russian expression [More]

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[25 Apr 2013]

The beautiful tennis champion began selling Sugarpova candies last year in the United States but now she's expanding to six other countries, including her homeland... [More]

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[18 Apr 2013]

Russians have been gathering and laying flowers at U.S. Embassies all around the country to show support for Americans who were affected by Monday's bombings during the Boston marathon... [More]

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[16 Apr 2013]

Meet Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, 21, a rising star who is currently ranked World No. 19 in Women’s Singles.


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[8 Apr 2013]

Wondering what’s new in Eastern Europe? Here are five recent stories from Russia and Ukraine. We’ve gotten topless protestors, death-defying jumps, and a new partnership between Russia and the Netherlands. [More]