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[14 Jun 2013]

KATYDREAM is today's Lady of the Day. This beautiful blonde is looking for an attentive man. Are you that man? [More]

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[13 Jun 2013]

SWEETTIGRESS is a beautiful woman who is passionate and optimistic. Get to know her a little better and see if you have something in common. [More]

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[16 Jul 2012]

Some women on HRB are fluent in English, while others only know a word or two. Here are a few things to know about finding love among non-native speakers. [More]

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[25 Dec 2011]

MERRY CHRISTMAS! May your holiday be filled with love and laughter and the blessings of good health! Our Alenaforlove also wants to wish you a Merry Christmas, with her exclusive Christmas interview. Happy Holidays! [More]

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[23 Dec 2011]

2 days and the magic of Christmas will be upon us! Visit the Christmas interview of SunshineVika and see what she has planned for this very merry holiday! [More]

HRBtv, Russian Bride of the Day »

[20 Dec 2011]

5 days and this magical time of the year will come to life. Helping us countdown to Christmas is the lovely Joliesoul. [More]

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[8 Sep 2011]

Unfortunately not. Though Cyrillic characters may at times display with no problem, they often cause a variety of issues. [More]

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[3 Feb 2011]

The daily commute to work can certainly be a hassle. This is especially true in Russia where temperatures can reach well below zero. However, one man in the town of Dzerzhinsk has created a device that makes his commute a little more tolerable. [More]

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[21 Jan 2011]

New video from our Ternopol, Ukraine agency! [More]

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[9 Nov 2010]

Observed each year on November 9, the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language is dedicated to honoring the native language of Ukraine. [More]

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[3 Nov 2010]

While we admire and encourage our members’ efforts to learn another language, our email system is designed for English text only and Cyrillic text can cause a variety of problems. [More]