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[24 Jul 2013]

Thinking of joining Great! Here are three questions to consider before joining the site [More]

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[23 Jul 2013]

Many members worry about hurting the ladies’ feelings, but most women understand that a gentleman can’t get back to everyone... [More]

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[17 Jul 2013]

While the initial in-person meeting is what every man looks forward to when dating Russian brides online, what happens after that first romantic rendezvous? [More]

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[16 Jul 2013]

Are you dating Ukrainian brides who love an adrenaline rush? Here are some indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks in Kyiv that could make for a very fun date! [More]

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[12 Jul 2013]

Leading international dating site® is launching its “Hottest Bikini Body” contest showcasing the amazing figures and personalities of 57 of its most stunning single ladies and over 2 hours of bikini videos. [More]

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[10 Jul 2013]

For our Lady of the Day, Marcellina, to find true love, he needs to meet one very important requirement. What is it? Read on to find out. [More]

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[8 Jul 2013]

Meet today's Lady of the Day: Margarita33 from Odessa, Ukraine. [More]

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[3 Jul 2013]

For American gentlemen celebrating the Fourth of July tomorrow, here are 25 photos of gorgeous girls wearing red, white, and blue! [More]

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[28 Jun 2013]

If you’re going to put time and effort into Russian dating, you might as well do everything you can to increase your chances of finding a match. Here are three easy ways to do just that. [More]

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[27 Jun 2013]

Sadly, some men still view Russian dating as a means of buying a wife. However, this isn’t how we operate. [More]

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[20 Jun 2013]

Though most Westerners picture Russian brides with men from Australia, North America, or Western Europe, the ladies of Eastern Europe are also popular among Chinese men. Here’s why more Chinese men and Russian women are tying the knot. [More]