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[6 Sep 2012]

What does MarinaLove1 want in a man? "My beloved man should be a responsible person with good sense of humor, who will be ready to love me with all his heart and be loved." Are you that man? [More]

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[22 Aug 2012]

Russian flags are flying in high regard today as everyone celebrates National Flag Day... [More]

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[20 Aug 2012]

Not every Russian and Ukrainian woman is searching for the most attractive man who brings home the biggest paycheck... [More]

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[14 Aug 2012]

Do you have what it takes to find love on Find out by taking our short quiz. [More]

Russian Bride of the Day »

[13 Aug 2012]

The most delicate plants make their way through the toughest ground through cracks in rocks. How can a wedge, hammer, or ram compare to the power of a good, honest man? [More]

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[2 Aug 2012]

Dating Russian women online is different, but by using some traditional techniques like these, you can make this experience an enjoyable and fulfilling way to find your future wife. [More]

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[1 Aug 2012]

We asked Blog readers about their perceptions about some controversial aspects on International Dating. Reponses came from all over the World and from a diverse range of ages. [More]

Russian Bride of the Day »

[1 Aug 2012]

I think it will be a great experience to meet my soul mate from so far away and share our cultures. [More]

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[12 Jul 2012]

Biancoro cocktails are not just well made ones; they are the cocktail arts by a wonderful barista – Irina Mashikhina... [More]

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[5 Jul 2012]

Here are a few things to know about HRB email and Russian women. [More]

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[2 Jul 2012]

This 22-year-old Russian bride looks like the lovely actress known for her "Sin City," "Machete," and "Fantastic Four" roles... [More]