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[3 Jul 2016]

Uncharted Russia: Russian Women Value Beauty & Western Men Should, Too Some American men are curious and adventurous enough to look for women outside of the United States. These men are not stuck to one cultural cocoon but rather explore what is beyond the horizon. One region that a man might find interesting is Russia, especially when a man comes across hot Russian women. Some men are noticing that many Russian women are beautiful. This is because women in Russia put an emphasis on beauty and take care of themselves. One interesting thing to note is a study found that women in Russia spend more time in front of the mirror than other country's women. Some might think this phenomenon shows that Russian women are vain, but some hot Russian women will tell you that beauty is simply a very important thing for a woman in Russia. They like to look their best and want their external appearance to reflect their inner self. What should be appealing to men in America is many of these women are single. Yes, single Russian women is almost an epidemic in Russia because women outnumber men. This is one reason why many American men are looking for single Russian women to date. Of course, a man should not expect to pick up any woman of his choosing without some effort and a little planning. It is important that a man understands the culture and what it means to woo single Russian women before he can claim a woman's heart. Russian women are a delicate group of women who may find the American way of flirting a little aggressive. This does not mean that Russian women are not flirtatious or looking to have a little fun with a man, but many of them do require a certain level of romanticism and chivalry. Romanticism and chivalry is somewhat lacking with some American men, which is why many men who planned to meet a lady from Russia undertook a quick study of the culture before attempting to woo a woman. This helped increased their chances of establishing a relationship with the woman they were seeking. Some men have found that a good conversation has been helpful when it comes to single Russian women. Women in Russia are interested in politics and other such subjects and would love to talk to someone who is genuinely interested in an in-depth conversation. Another thing that American men have found to be helpful is offering compliments. This does not mean a vulgar compliment but rather a more detailed compliment that shows that beauty is appreciated and that the woman is more than just a piece of meat. In short, a Russian woman wants to feel special, beloved, and tended to by the man who is attempting to woo her. It is clear to see why so many western men are flocking to the uncharted land of Russia; many women there are looking for romance and a relationship. Just remember that the pursing must been filtered to suit a lovely lady from Russia.  

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[2 Jun 2016]

Russian Women Value Home, Culture, and Loyalty While family traditions all over the world are changing, focusing more on equality among spouses, women from Russia remain true to traditional values between men and women in relationships. Russian culture relies heavily on the idea that the family is a close, connected, and interdependent unit. For centuries, women have relied on men to provide for the family while women prioritize their duties as a wife and mother above all else. Russian women maintain these values being raised with the traditions of family and loyalty at the forefront of their social maturation. The traditional family values seen throughout Russian culture are impressions from a long history of Soviet rule and communism. While these political systems have died down and the culture has become more independent, the values held within families and taught to children remain very strong especially among Russian women. According Talla Wagner, a marriage and family therapist, in an article on Russian culture from Live Science, "The challenges families faced under communism left individuals highly dependent on family support, which oftentimes required the combining of resources to survive. This created a culture that highly values extended family and maintaining close friendships." These family traditions that permeate Russian culture allow Russian women to be brought up in patriarchal households with family at the center of their lives. As children, these women rely on their fathers for financial and material support. They develop a need for a strong male figure in their lives. After marriage, Russian women view their husband as the provider in their relationship and will do everything in their power to stay loyal and go out of their way to please the husband. This strong male influence of the husband fills the role of provider in the marriage while the woman fills the role of homemaker and caretaker of the children. For this reason, Russian brides are very loyal and do everything they can to continue their relationship and have a happy and successful marriage. The upbringing of Russian women in a heavily patriarchal society makes Russian brides excellent housewives. Many Russian brides opt for being stay-at-home mothers or pursue educational endeavors while taking care of their family. Being taught to prepare for their role as wife and mother throughout their childhood years, Russian women are often magnificent cooks and loving mother figures. They take pride in creating a loving, connected environment for their husband and children, ensuring that all are happy and healthy in the home. Russian brides take doing all of the housework as no surprise as well, as it is not very common to hire housemaids in Russia. They learn early on how to care for a family and how to ensure that a household runs smoothly and pleasantly.   

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[24 May 2016]

From a Western point-of-view, Russian culture is steeped in mystery, and indeed, this great land can be mysterious. It lends to the intrigue people feel when they think of Russian families. But actually, family life in Russia isn't so mysterious. Hearth and home and extended family count as the real stars of Russian home life, and Russian women play a large role in this. The reasons for this lie in Russian history. According to an article on the Live Science website, much of the emphasis on home life and family comes from necessity. More specifically, Soviet rule left its mark on Russian home life. Life proved difficult under the Soviet government, and to make their way in the world, families had to rely on each other to survive. They learned to combine resources and to depend upon one another. Because the Communist Party ruled Russia for 70-plus years, this tradition of home and family remains a cornerstone of Russian life. But unlike life in the U.S., it's not unusual for family to mean more than mom, dad, and the kids, according to information on the DePauw University website. As a carryover from previous years, Russian families, including grandparents and grandchildren tend to live in the same apartment. The living space tends to be small, and Russian women do most of the care of the family. Many Russian women marry young and plan to stay home after the wedding is over. In the past, Russian brides almost exclusively spent their time in their homes and had no elaborate career plans. However, life in Russia today often includes working mothers. When this happens, one of the grandmothers in the family will assume the home role and help with the home and children. Apartments tend to be small, and it's difficult to find privacy in Russian households. However, in some respects this has influenced Russian home life in a positive way. Family members are very involved in one another's lives. The kitchen is the place where much of the Russian family gathers, and Russian cooking and traditional dishes still get a prominent spot in home life. Traditional foods like borscht, along with pirozhkis, ikra, and blinis count as just some of the dishes Russian women might cook for her families. These dishes bring together hearty ingredients such as beets and other vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Blinis are a sweet treat and can even include sweet jams and chocolate syrup. Beer, tea, and vodka are staple drinks in Russian life. Russian history and tradition influence how Russian brides interact with their families. These mysterious beauties love home life and spending time with their close families. Home means more to them than parents and children. It's a place where Russian culture is actively lived out.  

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[13 Apr 2016]

Even in the United States, it can be difficult to meet people. There are single people everywhere, yet many struggle. Imagine if you lived somewhere like Russia, where women outnumber men by a ratio of ten to one. While it would be significantly easier for men to meet a suitable match, women would have a lot of trouble. That is why so many Russian women are willing to become mail order brides. They know that if they become mail order brides, they will not have to settle for less than they deserve. They find the average American man to be quite attractive, and men think the same of them. With an increasing number of men finding mail order brides, it is difficult to ignore it as an active option. Chemistry When Americans meet mail order brides, they quickly realize that there is an uncanny chemistry between themselves and Russian women. Russian women are attracted to them, in a way that these men have never experienced before. Likewise, American men cannot take their eyes off of their mail order brides. Loyalty During relationships, many struggle with fears of infidelity. Their partners are caught cheating on them. But when Russian women become mail order brides and move across the world, they are not interested in cheating. They are interested in dedicating themselves to their husband. The husband usually feels security because of how intimate their wife is with them. Russian women use intimacy to remind their husband that they are dedicated to one another. Family This commitment extends beyond the bond between a husband and a wife. Russian women are committed to developing a strong family. They want to prioritize their role as a wife. They want to prioritize their role as a mother. They are looking forward to the future. Dancing Throughout history, every culture has sought to express itself through dancing. When you go to a nightclub or even to a fine establishment that permits dancing, your Russian wife will encourage you to get on the dance floor. She has spent her life learning these dance moves, and now she is ready to teach you. Dance is a major element of Russian culture. Intelligence Russia has a long intellectual tradition. It has educated the citizens in logic and reasoning. These disciplines come quite naturally to Russian women. They are skilled in detecting poor reasoning. Men generally expect that when they marry a Russian woman, she will contribute a lot to the conversation. She will provide invaluable insight. She might even embarrass some of your friends if she has the opportunity! Cooking Russians believe that cooking is a form of expression. It is how they demonstrate their culture to Americans. When they want to show the delicacies and luxury of the nation of Russia, they will prepare an exquisite entree. They have labored for their entire lives to master culinary arts. You can reap the rewards of that effort.  

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[2 Jul 2013]

Is your Russian honey a movie-lover? Coming soon, she'll get a chance to experience a whole new type of cinema with "four dimensional" offerings that include falling bubbles, rising mist and even specially-chosen scents. [More]

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[13 Jun 2013]

The inaugural exhibition in London's new Gallery for Russian Arts and Designs (GRAD) is called "See USSR" and consists of 1930s travel posters... [More]

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[12 Jun 2013]

June 12 is a national holiday in Russia, commemorating the Declaration of State Sovereignty in 1990. Here are some of the things going on around the country… [More]

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[6 Jun 2013]

Originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov in the Soviet Union, the hugely popular game Tetris was released on June 6, 1984... [More]

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[20 May 2013]

Are you a movie-lover? Check out the current popular films in Russia and Ukraine to see which titles your FSU sweetie might have recently seen. [More]

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[30 Apr 2013]

A Russian billionaire has purchased the book and plans to display it in Moscow and Monaco. [More]

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[10 Jan 2013]

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