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[8 Feb 2012]

Today Russians are celebrating the Day of Science, which is quite timely since scientists recently reached the subglacial Lake Vostok after decades of drilling... [More]

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[1 Feb 2012]

Seven Russian womens' names are celebrated this month so be sure to send them some special congratulations on these days... [More]

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[31 Jan 2012]

Peyzazhna Alley in Kyiv was saved from being demolished for an apartment complex, and while it was created for kids complete with a playground, romantic couples love to stroll along and admire the whimsical sculptures… [More]

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[6 Jan 2012]

Today is Christmas Eve in Russia and Ukraine since the Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar. Millions of believers will attend special masses tonight and tomorrow, including the Russian and Ukrainian Presidents... [More]

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[3 Jan 2012]

Mark your calendars for these nine Russian women's names being celebrated this month... [More]

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[29 Dec 2011]

Do you know how your favorite ladies will be ringing in 2012 this weekend? A recent poll suggests that most ladies prefer to celebrate at home with relatives... [More]

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[13 Dec 2011]

Spending the holidays apart can be tough, but with some creativity, you can still share some special moments together... [More]

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[12 Dec 2011]

While Ded Moroz is often referred to as the Russian Santa Claus, the tradition of gift giving actually began with the 4th century saint named Nicholas... [More]

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[1 Dec 2011]

Russian and Ukrainian women are proud of their cultural traditions and many still enjoy celebrating the old Russian Name Days. Four names are honored this month so be sure to mark your calendars for these dates... [More]

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[11 Nov 2011]

November 11th is a Russian Name Day for ladies named Anastasia. Have you met these gorgeous girls yet? [More]

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[10 Oct 2011]

Sample a variety of beer, kvass, lemonade and more on a tour of the Ochakovo Brewery and Beer Museum in Moscow... [More]