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[28 Oct 2009]

I am honest and sincere. I help people in trouble when I can. I love children. I also enjoy being outdoors, love animals. I am very sociable person , like to get acquainted with new people, it is very easy to communicate with me. [More]

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[27 Oct 2009]

They may not be made for walkin’, but sexy boots are back in style this winter. For many of us, this is fantasy footwear that never went out of style!   We’re not talking Uggs or Wellies; we mean thigh-high and sky-high, patent black and precious white, cowgirl and dominatrix.   Enjoy our gallery of sexy Russian brides in bodacious boots!  

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[22 Oct 2009]

I am a little dreamer. I am still waiting for the Prince in my life, and I am sure that I will find him. Im kind, sensitive, sympathetic girl... [More]

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[14 Oct 2009]

Whether you’re planning your trip to Russia today or tomorrow, you will learn shortly after arriving that Russian ladies have an excellent sense of style. Russian women don’t take fashion for granted, and it’s been that way for centuries. So, if you’re wondering how your new lovely Russian woman is going to look when you meet her for the first time on a breezy Moscow day, take it from me, she will look even hotter when you meet her in person!   Cosmopolitan Gal In Moscow and other cosmopolitan places throughout the county, you will quickly find that a lady’s fashion sense is in many ways comparable to what the ladies wear in NYC. Women can usually be seen in elegant dresses, or long skirts, beautiful blouses and high heels. These lovely ladies stand out, as they favor wearing bright colors in the city! It is quite possible that these vibrant colors are part of what makes a Russian woman appealing to men of all nationalities.   What if you are planning on taking your new Russian woman out for a night on the town? You can rest assured that her sense of elegance and style will amaze you. Just imagine watching your new future hot Russian bride walking down the stairs or into the room wearing a stunning black, or just as pleasing white dress.   If you are arriving during the winter, you may see your gorgeous Russian lady wearing a striking fur over a fashionable outfit made of soft linens or sensuous wool. To keep her even warmer, you may see your Russian lady wearing a most fashionable Russian Shaw. Her choices are likely to include either the Orenburg Goat Down Shaw, or the famous Pavlovo Shaw. You may even find your new lovely Russian woman wearing a trendy headdress, traditionally known as a Sarafan. A Russian lady doesn’t just wear a head dress to keep her head warm, but often times embroidered in sophisticated brocade or silk, she wears it as a sense of style.   You Can Always Count on a Russian Lady’s Fashion Sense One thing that truly makes a Russian woman unique is that she dresses up no matter what the occasion. Most American women simply throw on a sweat-shirt and sweat-pants to go to the grocery store. However, Russian women wear trendy clothes even for this occasion. These Russian women dress up, because they always want men to desire them. And once you see these sexy Russian women, you’ll desire them too!   In conclusion, no matter what the time of year or weather, if you are planning or even dreaming of a trip to go see your new future hot Russian bride, you can be absolutely certain that your Russian lady will always look fabulous in both casual clothing or in a knockout dress and heals. You should definitely go see for yourself, because these attractive Russian sexy in the city ladies will put you in a hypnotic trance as they step out of their apartments with in style.

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[25 Sep 2009]

Miami Social finished its first season run on August 18th with an enormous blow-out fight between Miami Social Circle member George and his hot Russian girlfriend Lina. Stemming from various conflicts that took place throughout the show, George and Lina’s battle almost reads like a step-by-step guide on what to do, or what not to do when dating. [More]

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[24 Sep 2009]

Every country has its own wedding traditions rooted in the region’s history and culture.  Russia is certainly no exception.  While many modern Russian brides are open to parting from tradition and having a modern “Westernized” wedding, it can be fun to learn about her culture’s rituals and beliefs while planning your big day together.  Who knows, you may decide you like some of these rituals and end up incorporating them into your own wedding!  Here are a few interesting traditions to keep in mind!      Stemming from the similarity in pronunciation to the word mayatsa, which means “to suffer,” Russian believe that a marriage conducted in May is doomed to be an unhappy one.  May is viewed as a difficult month and any activity taken up during that month is destined to fail.   During the reception, friends will “kidnap” the bride and hold her for ransom.  It is up to the groom to notice her absence and then negotiate a payment to her kidnappers for her safe return.   Russians believe that whichever newlywed steps onto the wedding carpet first at the Registry Office is the one who will become the head of the family.    Newlyweds receive salt and bread from their families to ensure they experience good luck and prosperity during their marriage.   Wedding guests who are eager to be married themselves should covertly pull the tablecloth to themselves at the reception dinner.    It is considered to be a bad omen if anything bad happens to the bride’s shoes during the wedding, such as a broken heel.  However, Russian brides also believe that they can cultivate good luck by placing a coin under their left heel.   Once a relative or close friend has made the first toast at the wedding ceremony, guests are supposed to throw their champagne glasses to the ground.  If they break upon impact, it is considered good luck.   Traditionally, no engagement ring is offered and the wedding bands are worn upon the RIGHT hand, rather than the left.  However, the offering of an engagement ring is gaining popularity around the world, so these rules are rather flexible.  But whichever hand you decide to wear your wedding rings, be careful not to drop the rings while exchanging them!  If the bride or bridegroom should drop the ring while trying to put it on the other's finger, it is considered to be a very bad omen!  

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[24 Sep 2009]

Many of our members ask us about acceptable age differences between themselves and their prospective Russian bride. It is true that for most Russian ladies, dating and marrying an older gentleman is acceptable and sometimes preferable to a man her own age or younger. We feel that with mutual compatibility, open communication and a willingness to cultivate the relationship – qualities which are necessary in ANY relationship, no matter what age you and your partner are – what can work is entirely up to you and the lady you’re interested in.   A major reason for Russian women’s interest in older men is simply the social demands placed upon Russian women.  A Russian woman typically finds herself under much more pressure to find a match, get married and start a family during her early twenties than women in Western countries. Men on the other hand are not subject to such expectations and usually do not start settling down until their early thirties or even later. Based only upon readiness to start a family, a more mature gentleman may already be a better match for a young Russian lady than a suitor her own age.   You must also consider that a young woman may be attracted to an older partner’s maturity, experience and stability. An older man is seen to have already survived his tumultuous youth; he is now ready to use his experience and knowledge to settle down and care for his future bride. This is certainly not true in every case, but this perception can inspire younger women to pursue an older man.   While Russian women do tend to be attracted to older men, this does not guarantee success in such a match.  Although younger women do seem to care less about age differences (perhaps even stating that “age is only a number”) and Russian women are perceived to be more emotionally and intellectually mature at a younger age, they may not yet have the life experience necessary to realize the obstacles that come with pursuing an older gentleman. It is important to discuss your feelings about this topic with your prospective partner so that you will both have reasonable expectations for the relationship.   So, does this mean that you have a better or worse chance if you set your sights on a younger woman? No, not necessarily. Relationships that involve a significant difference in age come with their own challenges and obstacles, just like any other relationship. However, just like any other relationship, they are more likely to flourish when they are based upon interpersonal compatibility, open and honest communication, trust and commitment to each other. has over 13,000 beautiful, single Russian and Ukrainian women ranging in age from 18 to 65 and older, so you’ll have no problem finding your ideal Russian bride, no matter what age you would like her to be!  

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[23 Sep 2009]

What kind of man are Hot Russian Brides looking for? The simple answer is… All Kinds! Russian and Ukrainian ladies come from all kinds of different backgrounds, from working class families to the more well-off, it’s impossible to say what a lady is looking for without asking her yourself. Most Russian Ladies would say they are looking for a man who works, and who can afford to have a family and own a home. Not all ladies are going to want a family though, and many do come from larger cities where home ownership is not as frequent as renting. Bear in mind, many ladies in Eastern Europe make around the equivalent of $200 a month, so their expectations of how much an American man makes may be way below what the average person does. At the end of the day, most Russian ladies want to feel comfortable, to know that the man they give their heart to can properly take care of it but the best way to find out what a Russian Lady really wants and expects is to ask her directly.  

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[16 Sep 2009]

Reports of a fire at attorney Brian Witzer’s Hollywood Hills home have turned up another unexpected source of heat on the internet this morning:  the attorney’s smoking hot fiancée, Larysa Poznyak.    This Ukrainian born model and self proclaimed “Hollywood’s Youngest TV Host” won the title of “Miss Moscow Beauty” in 2003.  This 24 year old beauty is the face of FashionTV and she has modeled for countless magazines and designers over the years.   With a smoking hot Ukrainian bride-to-be like Larysa, we’d suggest guests bring fire extinguishers as wedding gifts.      

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[13 Aug 2009]

There are hundreds of online dating Websites on the Internet, for all tastes, shapes and preferences. Many of the most popular ones have certain shortcomings that does not. provides advanced communication tools that empower open-minded, eligible bachelors to try something new and different by virtually dating single Russian and Ukrainian women. [More]

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[7 Aug 2009]

Today's beauty is an aspiring college professor that believes that "any strong and happy relationships are based on mutual love, respect, honesty and loyalty." Open, sensitive and optimistic, YourKitten does not only have a beautiful appearance, she has a beautiful soul. Don't believe me? Check out her profile and find out for yourself. [More]