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[6 Jun 2016]

Are Russian Women Really So Committed to Their Families? A Glance at the Value of Marriage in Russia Russian women are known both in the United States and abroad as being some of the most devoted to their family and most loyal to their loved ones, but is this really the case? If so, what makes it so they care about building a lasting marriage more so than their American or Western European counterparts? Young Love, Long Love Statistics support the idea of Russian women as uncommonly devoted to and respecting the bonds of marriage. In Russia, it is considered a point of honor for women to marry young-- and marry well. Well over 40% of young women in Russia marry "young", or before age 20, according to a 2004 demographic study by the Max Planck Institute. The same study found that women from Russia were more than half as likely to ever divorce than any other industrialized nation. The study found that, "aspects of marital behavior were extremely stable," and that "The traditional pattern of early and almost universal marriage did not change," meaning in this context that modern Russian women take marriage vows as seriously as the generations that came before them and implying that the cultural explanation for the high Russian marriage rate is due to young women finding marriage highly desirable. A more recent study by a Director of the Institute for Economic Forecasting reiterated this uniquely Russian approach to love-- in Russia, women marry young and feel that it is important to have the kind of loving and lasting marriages they have seen in past generations. Unfortunately, this same demographic shift seems to be slower on the part of Russian men at the same time that there are only 86 men for every 100 women in Russia. Interestingly, social researchers have postulated that this might be the drive behind the rise in women emigrating from Russia at a higher rate than their male peers. Culture and Personality The importance of marriage to Russian women is clear, but why might Russian women care beyond a general cultural value of marriage? A University of Eastern Finland publication on how Russian personalities vary from other cultures, finding Russians to be, "happy, open, hospitable, [and] sociable." These traits translate well into marriage, as they "[do] not want to be alone," and, unlike many modern cultures, "Russian understanding of a 'well-bred person' is still based on the old noble principles." Russian women are unique in that they still value traditional marriage while also remaining open to new ideas and principles. Perhaps, then, Russian success with marriage has to do with the combination of this respect with the ability to openly communicate with their loved ones and make changes when needed to keep the relationship they so value on firm ground. So are Russian brides really more devoted? Do Russian women respect the bonds of marriage? Both demographics and modern social research say that yes, they are more loyal and more so, that it is from the longevity traditional values in Russian culture and possibly even the difficulty Russian women face in finding an eligible and honorable match.  


[20 Apr 2016]

The number of people turning to the Internet for help finding their perfect match increases nearly every year. You might turn to the web because you have a hard time meeting people because of your job, you are more of a quiet person or you tried dating in your area and didn't have any luck. The Internet is home to hundreds of sites, including some that pair you with hot chat girls from Russia. Russian women have a reputation for being gorgeous, fit, great cooks and funny. One common problem that men today have with online dating is that so many people lie about themselves. According to Meredith Danko, more than 80% of online users lie about at least one thing on their profiles. After spending some time talking online and then talking on the phone, you might find yourself head over heels in love only to find out that the person you connected with used older photos, lied about her weight or even lied about having kids. With hot chat girls, you can always see those women before things go too far. Instead of requiring that you chat online for a long time before meeting in person, hot chat girls websites let you start chatting right away. While you may have the option of sending women who interest you messages, you'll also have the chance to video chat with one or more women too. This lets you see if she looks as great in real life as she does in her pictures and ensures that you never fall victim to a scam or bot. You can get to know her in a fun and unique setting before making plans to take your relationship into the real world. Though some think that hot chat girls just want to make money or find an American sugar daddy, the hot Russian women you meet online really do care about forming lasting relationships. You might find women who want someone they can have fun with online and someone they can party with in the real world, but you'll also find plenty of Russian brides as well. These women turn to the web for help in finding someone real who wants the same things out of life that they do, including having children and one day getting married. Sites that specialize in hot chat girls help you meet gorgeous women who don't live nearby. If you think that online dating is all about hook ups and parties, think again. According to the Pew Research Center, 5% of all Americans admitted to finding a lasting relationship or a spouse online. The Russian brides and hot chat girls you see online want to find men who want more out of life than just another hook up or friend. These beautiful women want someone who is good on the inside and care more about your personality than your looks. Talking to hot chat girls online just might lead to you finding your dream girl and your future wife.  

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[6 Apr 2016]

Men who want to find love in North America are not just restricted to women in their cities or states. Instead, today's technology makes it easier than ever to make love connections even across the globe. More and more men are discovering the benefits of spending their lives with hot Russian women, and numerous online websites make it easy to connect with video chat girls from Russia. Russian women have a reputation for beauty, and this reputation is well-earned. In Russia, women are not thought of as the weaker sex. Instead, they are honored as the "prettier sex." This is a huge compliment to Russian women, and they live up to the standard by dressing up when they got out in public, wearing heels and doing everything that they can to make themselves even more beautiful. Whether they are meeting someone for dinner or even meeting communicating as video chat girls online, Russian women were born to shine. In fact, Russian women would not want to be seen in public in sloppy sweatpants and t-shirts. They value their appearance much more than this. Men can see firsthand the beauty of Russian women by connecting with video chat girls from Russia online. Because of their commitment to beauty, Russian women love to stay fit and active! They make great romantic partners for men who enjoy running, biking, working out or simply taking long walks on a beautiful day. Although Russian women are known for their incredible good looks, they certainly bring more than just beauty to a relationship. In Russian culture, very high value is placed on the family. When Russian women marry, they place a high priority in becoming a wife and often a mother. They love committing to one man, creating a household and caring for their spouse and children. They also value close relationships and seek out intimacy as a way to connect with their husbands. In Russia, food is another important part of the culture. This is a huge benefit to men who build relationships with Russian video chat girls, because these women love to cook! Men appreciate coming home to a hot meal prepared by their new bride, and a Russian woman loves taking care of her man. When men first start interacting with video chat girls, some of them are surprised to find out how intelligent and cultured these women are. However, it's important to understand that education is seen as a very worthwhile endeavor in Russia. Russian women are always striving to better themselves through education, learning new languages an cultural pursuits. This is one of the things that makes a Russian woman such a great partner. She can speak intelligently on a wide range of topics, and she always loves learning new things. Finally, men who are interacting with Russian video chat girls also need to know that Russian women love to have a good time! You'll often find Russian women going out drinking and dancing, and they enjoy these activities even more when they are with someone special.  


[1 Apr 2016]

The commitment of Russian women Chat room women can be intriguing, but it would be nice to know who exactly you are dealing with in these rooms. These chat women are often not what you are looking for if seeking someone with some substance or a lasting relationship. Relationships with chat women do not last if you are not careful. They may spend the night talking with you and then are never to be heard from again so instead of just chatting with one - be selective and look for clues that she likes you. It would be nice to go beyond the shallowness of relationships with chat women and find a deeper connection with someone, a woman into food and cooking, devoted to a relationship, in great shape and glowing with natural beauty. Connecting with Russian women has to be awesome. Russian women want to find a soulmate, someone who will romance them, unlike chat women, who are gone 15 minutes later. Russian women love getting flowers and having poetry read to them. Romance is not dead with these women. Oh no, it is alive and well in their hearts. Russian women are very committed to their partners, believing in the bond that can form between a man and woman. They are trustworthy, dedicated to family and keep the intimate moments with their mate private, not posting messages and details all over social media. There is so much more substance to them than those chat girls who hit chat rooms, tease, and move on in a fleeting moment. Russian women value family and are content being a wife and mother, dedicated to being the glue that hold the family unit together. Unlike chat women, Russian women do not troll the Internet looking for the next passing fancy. They are dedicated women, committed to their husbands and families, nurturing in nature and always putting the family first. They don't have to go find themselves or need their space, they are very content in the family setting. That is not to say that Russian women do not enjoy time out on the town. They enjoy cutting loose and having fun. They enjoy the night life, hitting the dance floor and putting their bodies in motion. They like to party, but Russian women don't have the issues of excessive drinking that their male counterparts do when trouble hits. Researchers have found that economically distressed men are much more likely to turn to alcohol than are women in the same situation. Once again, here is an example of Russian women being the glue that holds things together. The researchers found that Russian women's role as household managers gives them more feelings of accomplishment and lessens the psychological effects of unemployment or downward mobility. Russian women bring a deep and rich understanding of their heritage and culture to any relationship. They are intelligent, articulate individuals who have a hunger to learn new things and experience new cultures. They are held in high regard in their own culture as mothers and nurturers, and they keep cultural aspects of the society revered -- a far cry from chat women and chat room girls.

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