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[26 Oct 2011]

Most Ukrainian ladies looking for love online like their suitors to have a good sense of humor... [More]

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[12 Oct 2011]

Are they desperate? Are they scammers? Do they hate Russian men? No! Here are some real reasons... [More]

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[26 Sep 2011]

Experienced international travelers may not request assistance from HotRussianBrides travel liaisons, but it’s still smart to contact them to receive a lady’s local agency’s contact information… [More]

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[25 Apr 2011]

Most Russian and Ukrainian women know exactly which qualities they want their future husbands to have... [More]

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[31 Mar 2011]

Russian brides' profiles often include "good sense of humor" in the list of qualities they are seeking in a man. Here are some ideas to get her giggling... [More]

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[15 Mar 2011]

Uploading an old, blurry photo won't further your Russian bride search. Follow these 5 tips for perfect profile pics... [More]

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[19 Jan 2011]

January 19th marks the Russian Orthodox holiday of Epiphany. Check out these photos of brave babes taking the plunge... [More]

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[7 Jan 2011]

While staring into the camera seductively with a straight-face may be your profile photo of choice, most Russian brides would prefer to see you smiling and having fun... [More]

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[8 Nov 2010]

While some hot Russian brides prefer instant messaging for faster communication, lots of ladies still love emailing! It’s exciting to log in and find new messages in your inbox. Here are some tips for sending digital letters that will encourage romantic relationships… [More]

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[4 Nov 2010] is happy to investigate any situations that may arise, but don't be fooled by blacklists and blogs! [More]

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[12 Oct 2010]

Yesterday we learned where Russian women like to go on dates, so today we should find out what you may inadvertently do on a date that could turn your lady off… [More]