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[21 Dec 2012]

Russian and Ukrainian families have such a strong bond that young ladies are eager to start forming their own... [More]

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[7 Nov 2012]

Members of HRB aren’t the only fellows who appreciate the charm and beauty of Russian women. Here are 5 celebrities and their hot Russian girlfriends (and one wife). [More]

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[30 Oct 2012]

What the terms Russian bride and mail order bride really mean. [More]

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[15 Oct 2012]

Many bachelors are often attracted to single ladies from the Former Soviet Union for several reasons... [More]

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[18 Jun 2012]

Ladies from Russia and Ukraine are particularly popular, and while they may seem mysterious, they actually just want the same gentlemanly gestures you'd use to court ladies in your own country... [More]

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[16 Feb 2012]

Some men still can't believe that beautiful Russian women are marrying men they meet on international dating sites, but it's true... [More]

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[23 Jan 2012]

Men who have married Russian women say you can skip some frustration by learning to accept and even enjoy your differences early on... [More]

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[1 Jul 2011]

Most men know that proposing to a woman after a couple of dates is a bad idea. However, many gentlemen do not hesitate to prematurely propose to women on Russian dating websites. [More]

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[27 Jun 2011]

My man should be honest with me, kind, attentive and open-minded. [More]

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[1 Jun 2011]

While some gentlemen find their soul mates very quickly, others take more time. Here are a few things to consider before planning a proposal... [More]

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[18 May 2011]

Read about how Elena met her Jim on [More]