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[18 May 2011]

Read about how Elena met her Jim on HotRussianBrides.com. [More]

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[22 Nov 2010]

HotRussianBrides.com is not a mail order bride site, so you will have to travel to meet your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend if you plan on taking the next step. [More]

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[24 Sep 2010]

Russian woman seeking... "I dream about romance with a special man with whom I will share all my thoughts and emotions. I am looking for someone who is compatible and who would love me and respect me." [More]

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[8 Sep 2010]

Well-known celebrities from around the world love dating beautiful women from Russia and the Ukraine. Here are 4 more stars with hot Russian lovers. [More]

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[25 Aug 2010]

"I am looking for the knight – on a big noble trotter in the shining armour with a big ancient sword in his hand. His motto is engraved on the blade 'in honour of my Lady'" [More]

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[10 Aug 2010]

"I’m looking for serious man that is ready to create family and open to receive all happiness I want to give. He acts like a man but he lets a woman to feel weak and powerful at the same time." [More]

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[2 Aug 2010]

"I am an all-round personality. I am calm, but like to have fun in the right situation, joking and laughing. I could say I am a very cheerful and easy-going person." [More]

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[28 Jul 2010]

Can you deny this Russian lady's beauty? Can you resist sending her an email or a chat request? Check out her profile and see for yourself. [More]

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[26 Jul 2010]

Enjoy this latest testimonial from a happy couple that met through HotRussianBrides.com. [More]

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[12 Jul 2010]

"I am a cheerful, easy-going, optimistic, open-minded and honest young lady. I value friendship and if my friend is in need I can do everything in my power to help him or her." [More]

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[1 Jul 2010]

"I always try to help if you need it. I am kind, tender and communicative lady. My friends always wonder of my always positing mood. I think it is necessary if you want to reach what you planned you should be always positive." [More]