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[25 Apr 2013]

The beautiful tennis champion began selling Sugarpova candies last year in the United States but now she's expanding to six other countries, including her homeland... [More]

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[27 Mar 2013]

Can’t keep up with all the Russian and Ukrainian news? Here a few interesting stories from the FSU. [More]

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[25 Mar 2013]

A group of Russian Olympians who now live in the U.S. have launched a campaign to inform Americans about the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi and strengthen the countries' relations... [More]

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[15 Jan 2013]

Inspired by the Russian fairy tale The Firebird, the Olympic torch for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games was unveiled in Moscow yesterday along with its remarkable route... [More]

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[25 Sep 2012]

Flash mobs, relay races, and more occurred all over the country as the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi reaches its 500 day countdown. Plus, a curious slogan has been revealed… [More]

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[1 Jun 2010]

The Cultural Olympiad is a 4-year period highlighting the culture and art of an Olympic host city and is a requirement of the International Olympic Committee. [More]

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[26 Mar 2010]

The Russian city of Sochi hosted a special cermony today to welcome the Olympic and Paralympic flags to the home of 2014 Winter Games... [More]

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[1 Mar 2010]

Though Olympic officials are happy with Sochi’s progress to date, some observers are skeptical about Russia’s ability to host the next Games. [More]

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[11 Feb 2010]

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have yet to begin, but already Russia has plenty to celebrate. The Sochi World, Russky Dom project opens today, introducing guests to the people and culture of the site of the 2014 Winter Games. [More]

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[30 Sep 2009]

After reviewing numerous bids from over 15 different applicant cities and a shortlist also including cities in Austria and South Korea, the International Olympic Committee chose Sochi, a resort town in the South of Russia as the official host for the 2014 Winter Olympics in 2007. Like many events of this type, the Olympic event is being used as a reason to modernize the city. Fiber-optic cables are being laid and plans to introduce digital broadcasting are also being proposed. Many new power plants are being built, with older disused ones being upgraded and re-commissioned. 15 new sports venues will have to be built, as the city is not currently equipped to handle the event, along with the construction of new hotel space to handle the estimated 10,300 people the event will attract. Due to its position, right on the coast of the Black Sea, the city of Sochi has been a popular holiday destination since the early days of the Soviet Union after Joseph Stalin built a vacation home there. The home has now been turned into a museum. After the secession of Ukraine, Sochi experienced a further wave of popularity as many of the more popular summer resorts were located in the Crimean area which was Ukrainian territory. The city is currently home to a little over 400,000 permanent residents and features an extremely humid climate with winter temperatures that rarely fall below freezing. The Russian Government plan to put up around $9 billion dollars for the preparations, with even more funds coming from partnerships and advertising in the event.