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[11 Jun 2013]

A new monument was unveiled in Kyiv over the weekend in honor of Swedish football fans and their growing friendships with Ukrainians... [More]

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[8 Jan 2013]

Comparing Ukraine to Sweden: How do the countries stack up, and what will life be like for your bride when she comes to live with you? [More]

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[8 Jan 2013]

The small Ukrainian town of Gammalsvenskby, which literally means "old Swedish village," is visited by busloads of Swedish farmers, backpackers, linguists, and people generally interested in history... [More]

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[7 Jan 2013]

Stockholm, Sweden is undeniably a city with some of the most beautiful women in the world. But, one city edged them out for title of Most Beautiful Women. [More]

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[20 Nov 2009]

The Russian Continental Hockey League (KHL) has announced that the Swedish club AIK Stockholm will join the league for the 2010/2011 season. [More]

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[16 Nov 2009]

From an historic standpoint there is good reason that Scandinavian men are attracted to hot Russian brides, they are their distant relatives. [More]

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[11 Nov 2009]

If you would like for your Russian Bride to visit youor live as a resident in Sweden, here are some helpful tips. [More]