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[30 Jul 2013]

Finding new ways to express your romantic feelings, especially over a large distance can be difficult. Virtual Cards on can be a great way to show your lady your softer side. With cute graphics and heartwarming sayings, the cards are specially crafted to make your Russian or Ukrainian sweetheart melt. And now, new virtual cards are filling up our store! More...

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[17 May 2013]

Success in dating is never guaranteed. But, gentlemen who employ the strategies and tactics inside significantly increase their chances of making a match. [More]

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[26 Mar 2013]

Hot Russian Brides’ BlackBook™ tool helps countless members date Russian and Ukrainian women online. Now that you know about the benefits of the Email History, let’s take a look at the Notes & Remarks section. [More]

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[21 Mar 2013]

Feeling disheartened because you haven’t found a match? Here are a few tips and words of encouragement. [More]

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[30 Oct 2012]

Expanding your dating search to include Russia and Ukraine increases your chances of finding love. But, that does not mean that it's a foregone conclusion that you will find someone. Our tips can increase your chances of finding the perfect lady for you. [More]

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[14 Aug 2012]

Do you have what it takes to find love on Find out by taking our short quiz. [More]

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[1 Apr 2011]

At Hot Russian Brides, we work hard and take every reasonable step to ensure that ladies using our service are real and have genuine intentions when corresponding on our Russian Dating site. [More]

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[27 Jan 2011]

It is important for all Hot Russian Brides customers to familiarize themselves with how the Username and Password system works. [More]

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[7 Oct 2010]

We have many other payment options available for members looking into meeting attractive Russian ladies. [More]

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[13 Aug 2010]

Russian ladies are very clear about what they don't want in a man. [More]

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[2 Aug 2010]

After being in business for over 7 years, has become an expert in helping men avoid some of the dangerous pitfalls of online dating. While many men have found romance or friendships on our site, many have failed in the process due to... [More]