Best Places in Ukraine »

[14 May 2010]

This city of 30,000 people is over 1,000 years old and is home to nearly 30 museums. [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[11 May 2010]

A network of waterways known as “yeriks” connect Vilkovo, and even today most people in the town get around by boat rather than car. Because of this, Vilkovo is known as “the Ukrainian Venice.” [More]

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[28 Apr 2010]

After a $300 million reconstruction project that lasted 3 years, the tallest hotel in Europe is open for guests once again... [More]

Culture and History »

[27 Apr 2010]

The Saratov Glass Museum attracts thousands of visitors each year and is a unique way to spend the afternoon, either by yourself or with a beautiful Saratov girl on your arm. [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[22 Apr 2010]

Located in the heart of Kiev, Tsarske Selo has been wowing patrons with its perfectly prepared, authentic Ukrainian dishes for 12 years. [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[21 Apr 2010]

The Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk is built upon the banks of the Dnieper River. Along with the gorgeous Ukrainian girls living there, you can also see many amazing tourist attractions... [More]

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[15 Apr 2010]

Attention travelers! All air flights in and out of the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden have been suspended as ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland moves south. There are also partial cancellations in... [More]

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[9 Apr 2010]

Once you're ready to meet your favorite Russian brides in person and have planned your trip well in advance, all you have to worry about is what to expect on your first date... [More]

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[6 Apr 2010]

The most anticipated aspect of online dating is finally getting to meet your favorite Russian and Ukrainian ladies in person. Here are a few things to consider before booking that flight… [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[24 Mar 2010]

Chatting with a beautiful bride near Berdyansk? Buy her a new bikini and head to Ukraine's largest water park by the sea... [More]

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[19 Mar 2010]

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine has presented the 12 most “exotic and erotic” escapes and the sexy single ladies of Russia helped St. Petersburg make the list… [More]