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[4 Oct 2012]

While hopping on a plane to surprise your favorite Russian brides does sound romantic, you'll enjoy your trip much more if you plan every aspect... [More]

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[1 Oct 2012]

We want you to enjoy every moment of your trip to meet your Ukrainian or Russian bride. Our travel tips can help you recover from your overseas airplane ride with ease. [More]

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[27 Sep 2012]

There are many advantages to heading to Ukraine this fall. Here are four. [More]

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[13 Sep 2012]

Planning a trip to visit gorgeous Odessa girls? Lermontovskiy Hotel may not be the fanciest looking hotel on the outside but it's quite modern and welcoming inside... [More]

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[16 Aug 2012]

The 173-room Renaissance Kiev Hotel will be on the corner of Volodymyrska and Prorizna Streets. [More]

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[7 Aug 2012]

While hot Russian brides are sure to increase your heart rate, so will a ride on the Dnipro River ropeway! [More]

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[28 Jun 2012]

Men from all around the world are visiting Ukraine this month for EURO 2012. What do they think about Ukrainian women and the people in general? [More]

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[30 May 2012]

Ukraine's capital is hosting the final match of the European Football Championship on July 1st and the city is already buzzing with excitement... [More]

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[29 May 2012]

Donbass Arena in Ukraine's fifth largest city will host EURO 2012 matches next month. Are you dating any girls from Donetsk? [More]

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[21 May 2012]

Lviv, or Lvov in Russian, is considered one of the main cultural centers of Ukraine and the city will be filled with football fans next month for the European championship... [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[14 May 2012]

The first European Football Championship match to take place in Ukraine will be June 9th in Kharkov, the second largest city in the country... [More]