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[11 May 2012]

Planning on visiting your favorite Ukrainian girls during the European Football Championship? Contact our travel support team now to take advantage of a very special offer! [More]

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[11 May 2012]

28 days remain until the start of EURO 2012, hosted by Poland and Ukraine! Why not visit your favorite ladies during this exciting time? [More]

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[4 May 2012]

Another affordable and convenient way to travel around Ukraine is by riding the metro or subway... [More]

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[3 May 2012]

Traveling around Ukraine by taxi is convenient and inexpensive, but make sure to remember these helpful tips... [More]

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[23 Apr 2012]

From interesting facts and accommodations to restaurants and transportation, a new Kyiv tourist website is full of helpful information... [More]

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[20 Apr 2012]

Thinking of visiting a special lady in the next month or so? Here are a few things to know about traveling to Ukraine in the spring. [More]

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[23 Mar 2012]

Now is the perfect time to begin planning your summer vacation to Ukraine and here's why… [More]

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[17 Feb 2012]

Though some Russian and Ukrainian citizens are indeed unhappy with the political events in their countries, and have staged protests as result, it is still reasonably safe to travel to Russia and the Ukraine. [More]

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[15 Feb 2012]

When you're traveling to Ukraine for the vacation of a lifetime, why not treat yourself to a 5 star hotel stay? While there are already four 5 star hotels in Kyiv, four more will be opening soon... [More]

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[11 Jan 2012]

The word "kryivka" means "secret place" in Ukrainian and entrance to this restaurant in Lviv requires a secret password... [More]

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[27 Jul 2011]

Planning your first international vacation around one Ukrainian woman may not be the best approach to effective Russian dating... [More]