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[9 Jun 2011]

Check out the testimonials of Jake and Jensen, two real-life members who recently traveled to Ukraine to meet a special lady from our site. [More]

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[25 May 2011]

Here are the steps a HotRussianBrides member must complete in order to meet a Russian woman. [More]

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[1 Apr 2011]

While plenty of beautiful women are eager to meet you, there are even more reasons to plan a trip to Russia or Ukraine... [More]

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[25 Mar 2011]

Spring is the perfect season to visit Ukrainian women. Members of can take advantage of our travel liasons to help make the trip perfect as well... [More]

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[4 Mar 2011]

“Our direct flight to Kiev will give passengers the choice to not only travel to the capital but to other regions of the Ukraine such as, Frankovsk, Lugansk, and Odessa,” said Alexander Avdieiev, acting director of AeroSvit-Ukrainian Airlines. [More]

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[10 Jan 2011]

While an impulsive, last-minute trip to Russia or Ukraine sounds exciting and romantic, you will enjoy the experience more if you plan ahead… [More]

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[22 Nov 2010] is not a mail order bride site, so you will have to travel to meet your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend if you plan on taking the next step. [More]

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[1 Sep 2010]

UEFA is pleased with Ukraine's progress of preparations for the future football frenzy. Kharkiv International Airport just completed a new terminal and you may want to fly just for these flight attendants... [More]

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[30 Jul 2010]

Traveling to meet a lady is always a BIG step to take, but never let that overwhelm or intimidate you! [More]

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[26 Jul 2010]

Planning to visit some of your favorite hot Ukrainian brides in Odessa? This beautiful 4 star hotel is within walking distance to all the downtown attractions… [More]

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[16 Jul 2010]

Ancient ruins by the sea, a castle perched atop soaring cliffs, a whimsical park based on fairy tales: these are just a few of Ukraine’s beautiful and romantic locations. [More]