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[31 Jul 2009]

Many people think that is not interesting to live in a small town because there are not so many places to visit but, believe me, small towns have their own charm. I can spend hours strolling along them, I disparately love these narrow and meandering streets, small houses, I like to observe lighted widows that hide the private life of people behind the curtains.   Whenever I notice that the sun is drooping, I hurry to the very center of my town to watch the sunset. Here am I, standing on the bridge, against the ginger sunlight, breathing with damp river air, feeling the wind touching my hair. The feeling of beauty carries me away, and I feel happy that I’m alive, that I’m able to see this beauty. I feel endless streams of consciousness that capture me and melt into eternity. So if you ever walk by, just stop for a moment on the bridge, near the forged gate and say ‘good bye’ to the setting sun to meet it with new spirits and enjoy its warmth tomorrow.                  

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[30 Jul 2009]

Yakitoria Japanese Restaurant   When you will be in Nikolaev don’t forget to visit Japanese restaurant Yakitoria.   You'll begin your dining experience the moment you find ample and convenient parking or when you are dropped off curbside by your taxi.   An excellent host and wait staff will anticipate and cater to your desires. Seating is plentiful and the restaurant can accommodate large groups for you and your friends. There are also private dining rooms for more discreet evenings. The dining rooms are equipped with DVD players and big screen TVs for your entertainment. If you and your party would like to enjoy the wonderful views of the boulevard and the strolling couples you can also sit outside.   Your dining experience begins with English language menus which contain ample choices of appetizers and entrees. You can begin dinner with a nice glass of plum wine or lemon grass tea to help you relax. Be sure to try an amazing Sushi Boat made up of many different types of sushi rolls. Be sure to follow dinner up with any of the many choices of decadent deserts, especially the eclairs.

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[22 Jul 2009]

You would think that in our line of work, we would be able to remain cool when we see a stunning woman. Today, we are finding it nearly impossible with Samirra. [More]

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[21 Jul 2009]

Bruno has fallen foul of the censors in Ukraine, who claim Sacha Baron Cohen`s raucous new comedy could "damage the morality" of its citizens, according to BBC. The Ukrainian ministry of culture told local film distributor Sinergia it had "decided to ban all showings of this film on Ukrainian territory". [More]

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[20 Jul 2009]

Today's lady of the day is a banker with a sunny disposition and attitude towards life. Angellena is a 25 year old, alluring blonde that describes herself as "sporty, active, curious and tempting." [More]

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[12 Jul 2009]

Ivan Kupala Day (Feast of St. John the Baptist) is celebrated in Poland, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine currently on 7 July. Calendar-wise, it is opposite to the winter solstice holiday Korochun. Some early mythology scholars, such as Sir James Frazer, claimed that the holiday was originally Kupala a pagan fertility rite later accepted into the Orthodox Christian calendar.   Many of the rites related to this holiday within Slavic religious beliefs, due to the ancient Kupala rites, are connected with the role of water in fertility and ritual purification. Youths would jump over the flames of bonfires. Girls would float wreaths of flowers often lit with candles on rivers and would attempt to gain foresight into their relationship fortunes from the flow patterns of the flowers on the river. Men may attempt to capture the wreaths, in the hope of capturing the interest of the woman who floated the wreath.   Traditionally, unmarried women, signified by their garlands on their hair, would be the first to enter the forests. They are followed by young men. Therefore, consequent to the quest in finding herbs and the fern flower may be the blooming of relationships between pairs of men and women within the forest. That is one of the most romantic nights in Ukraine.   Some of the ladies on have invited their suitors to symbolically participate in this tradition with letters like the following:    “…That is one of the most romantic night in Ukraine. Pity you haven'tbeen here on that night cause if you had been you would have a uniquechance to see lots of beautiful single girls standing on the banks ofrivers with candles lit and throwing flower wreathes onto the water.Believe me that is an incredible view to see when a girl does this sheasks God to let her only intended to see it and take it out of thewater - if it happens and he will find her, they will be togetherforever. Writing this letter to you I am throwing my wreath onto the water - itis colorful, made of my dreams of you, warmed with my heart and mytender hands...Once you see it don't go pass it cause it is intendedfor you only.”     Information from:  

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[7 Jul 2009]

A lawmaker in eastern Ukraine has put forward a proposal to re-name a village after pop icon Michael Jackson, a media report said. According to Zaporozhye Region’s Reporter newspaper, one of the factions in the legislature has already discussed the proposal, and it could be put to a vote soon. The lawmaker has proposed renaming the Oktyabrskoye village, the newspaper said. Michael Jackson, who spent more than four decades in the public spotlight, died following a heart attack at the age of 50 June 26 just weeks before he was to launch a series of comeback concerts in London.