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[17 Nov 2009]

Dancing With the Stars beauty Karina Smirnoff takes it all off for PETA campaign. [More]

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[10 Nov 2009]

Are you a guy who loves planning every minute of your vacation itinerary? Or do you prefer those all-inclusive travel packages where the only decision you make is which credit card to charge? No matter which travel style suits you, HotRussianBrides has 3 easy options when your time comes to finally meet your Russian ladies in person. [More]

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[9 Nov 2009]

An earlier post described some common myths about Russian women. Aren’t you curious to discover what Russian women think about you? Here are 3 things some Russian women think about American men. [More]

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[26 Oct 2009]

Forever the world has been changed by the internet. It has changed the way we shop, travel, communicate, obtain our news and entertainment, and conduct our relationships.   Online Dating More than 40 million Americans use online dating and social networking sites to find love. Many online daters enjoy the guiltless freedom to flirt with whomever they choose and not have to worry about face-to-face rejection. But for those who are seeking a serious lifelong relationship, traditional online dating sites can be taxing and filled with pitfalls.   What We Aren’t If you are seeking a mail order Russian bride, one who you meet online and then she is sent to your door, then please go to another web site. HotRussianBrides.com is a dating site for men seeking a meaningful relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian woman. Our service provides you the tools to communicate safely and explore a relationship with a beautiful woman overseas.   Why Date Russian Women? There are women all over world, so why date Russian women? Have you seen the women from Russia or the Ukraine? Russian women are hot.  Want proof? How about  Maria Sharapova (Tennis star), Yevgeniya Diordiychuk (Playboy Playmate of the Year), Maria Kirilenko (Tennis star), Dasha Astafieva (Playboy), Yelena Isinbayeva (Track & Field star), and many more. Take a look at the Russian women on our site and judge for yourself.   How it Works Online dating is a bit different than physical dating. Here’s the inside guide on how to find love on HotRussianBrides.com: Look Around: Check out the profiles of the single ladies. To narrow your search, use the Advanced Search  feature. Say Hello: Once you have found a lady you like send her an introduction letter telling her why you would like to correspond with her. Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression. Follow Up:  Okay, a week has passed since you said hello and you have not heard back from her. Go ahead and send her a follow up email. Don’t forget, women love the thrill of the chase. Remember, there are thousands of women so send out as many introductory emails as you like. Cast a wide net. Video Date: After the lady and you correspond, set up a video chat date. Our exclusive video chat service allows you to see your lady via a one-way Web cam and correspond via instant message at the same time. You will be able to see her reacting to your messages in real time. Courting: Gift giving is a universal sign of affection. As part of our service we offer a no hassle online gift shop that offers gifts from flowers to English lessons. Just point and click, it’s that easy. Intimacy Request: While courting you and your lady get that feeling of a strong connection, and you know that there is something between the two of you, submit an “Intimacy Request.”  An Intimacy Request will allow you to have unfiltered communication between you two and lay the foundation for you to travel to meet her in person. Keep At It If one or more of the ladies do not pan out how you would like, keep at it. Since HotRussianBrides.com has more than 13,000 profiles on our site, we are confident that there is someone here for you. What are you waiting for? Join today.

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[15 Oct 2009]

If you’ve been a member of HotRussianBrides.com for even a short while, you have undoubtedly discovered the thrill of communicating with Russian and Ukrainian women. But while online communication can be exciting, nothing compares to face-to-face contact. That is why we are offering our members the chance to enjoy a seven-day/six-night romantic adventure to Ukraine, where you can get to know a number of different ladies while taking in all that the country has to offer. The two-city trip will take place Dec. 6-12, 2009 and will include time spent in Nikolaev and Odessa, two of Ukraine’s most vibrant cities. Participants will be able to mingle with Ukrainian women at parties, dinner events, sightseeing tours and a host of other activities and events. In keeping with the spirit of the season, each party will have a Christmas and New Year’s theme. Whether you already have a specific Ukrainian lady whom you would like to meet, or you simply want to get to know several of the ladies on a more personal basis, this trip is an opportunity you will not want to pass up. Accommodations include: Lodging at a 3-4 star hotel in Nikolaev and a European standard apartment in Odessa Daily continental breakfast Bus transportation to and from the Odessa airport along with excursion opportunities Two Christmas and New Year’s theme parties with unlimited introductions to Ukrainian women and translation services available Access to 24-hour support from the special events manager Act now! Payment and reservations for the trip must be received by November 5, 2009. See the trip itinerary for further details.

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[13 Oct 2009]

Russia and Ukraine are full of beautiful female athletes. The countries’ tennis stars, figure skaters, and gymnasts often dominate magazine covers and television profiles, but fencers?   Meet Olha Zhovnir, Olena Khomrova, and Olga Kharlan. These hot Ukrainian women make up the Ukrainian women’s sabre team and represent some of the best fencing talent in the world. The team won the Women’s Sabre World Championship earlier this month and took home the gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.   The sexy Ukrainian ladies attracted a lot of attention after their Olympic win, earning them a sizzling pictorial in XXL Magazine, a Ukrainian magazine similar to America’s Maxim. Congratulations to the ladies on their impressive appearances both on and off the fencing strip!   Watch Olga Kharlan in action at the Women's Sabre Final.

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[12 Oct 2009]

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyrivna “Yulia” Tymoshenko certainly is one of the most attractive world leaders but like other striking Ukrainian women she has the brains to match her beauty. [More]

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[10 Sep 2009]

Itaka is another summer night club located in Arcadia where you can relax and spend the evening full of impressions and positive emotions.   Along with Ibiza, this is the best nightlife experience Odessa and the rest of Ukraine can offer during its raging summer. Designed in the style of Greek ruins, this massive Odessa nightclub boasts an enormous dance floor, spectacular stage, massive pillars overlooking Black Sea, seating for over 200 people, one long bar and hundreds of mesmerized dancing patrons. Each night is kicked off with a bang through a spectacular show (usually at midnight) which is a must see for anyone in Odessa. Different nightly show is there to keep you coming back. Expect to see anything from a sensual strip tease to a multi troop acrobatic performance. Odessa's Itaka has various options for sitting, with prime seats being leveled next to the stage and the rest either on the 2nd floor or along side of the bar by the dance floor. It is suggested to make reservations for prime sitting space.   During the summer, Itaka is home to semi-weekly performances by Russian and Ukrainian superstars on tour through Odessa. Service in Itaka is marginal, yet there is considerable room for improvement as the waiters cater to dozens of tables at a time. In Itaka you can order anything from full entrees to hookahs filled with milk here. Itaka's crowd is diverse as Odessa’s population: Western tourists, Russian tourists, drop dead gorgeous girls in miniskirts, little kids and their parents and a massive number of staff workers wearing nothing but traditional togas. It is hard to think of a place where one can make friends as easily as at Odessa's Itaka, especially with the help of some exotic alcoholic beverages that the bubbly bartenders are happy to serve. The only con, if it can be called that, is the music. Itaka plays almost exclusively pop, with same songs repeating numerously every night.   Never mind the music, if you are in Odessa, do yourself a favor and come to Itaka. Chances are - you won’t leave before the sunrise   Itaka is opened for 24 hours a day. The restaurant is opened from 11 am to 9 pm, can offer you a variety of food and an English menu.    

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[9 Sep 2009]

Celebrity Doppelganger: LotusWhite or Life on Mars' actress Gretchen Mol?  

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[3 Sep 2009]

I am looking for the one to share my life and heart with. The one who will be my friend, my passionate lover, my most caring husband, and just the man I would not be able to live without! [More]

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[24 Aug 2009]

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has congratulated Ukrainians on the Day of Independence of Ukraine. The premier noted that Ukraine is currently living through hardships, as the international financial turmoil hasn't bypassed the country. However, the premier believes this to be temporary. [More]