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[7 Jun 2012]

I’m looking for a kind and responsible person. It’s good if he is positive and creative! He must love nature be rather active. [More]

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[5 Jun 2012]

If you’re planning a trip to Ukraine this summer, here are a few beaches worth checking out. [More]

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[31 May 2012]

Here are a few things you can realistically expect on, as well as a few things you cannot. [More]

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[25 May 2012]

I want to find YOU, the right person, the man who cares much for his partner, for his family. [More]

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[22 May 2012]

I am looking for a mature, kind, cheerful, optimistic, and faithful man. I want to have a lot of romantic moments in my future. [More]

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[14 May 2012]

The most important features are sense of purpose, positive view at life, understanding, faith in God, charisma. [More]

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[11 May 2012]

You are looking at me and see only my photos, my appearance, but I hope you will like my inner world! [More]

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[10 May 2012]

I'm communicative, kind, and patient. I love people and life in general. I appreciate honesty, openness, and sympathy. [More]

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[30 Apr 2012]

Still not sure about Russian dating and Here are a few good reasons to take the plunge and give our website a shot. [More]

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[22 Dec 2010]

Video of Hot Russian Brides from Khmelnitsky, Ukraine [More]

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[28 Sep 2010]

We understand that gentlemen have several options when it comes to searching for love and that Russian dating can be more complicated than most. However, there are many great reasons to give HotRussianBrides a try. Here’s three. [More]