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[21 Sep 2010]

Here 3 ways men treat Russian dating sites differently than traditional dating sites, but shouldn't. [More]

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[7 Sep 2010]

Every week, hundreds of men and women join to find their other half. Here are 6 new ladies that recently joined from the city of Kharkov, Ukraine. [More]

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[14 May 2010]

This city of 30,000 people is over 1,000 years old and is home to nearly 30 museums. [More]

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[28 Apr 2010]

All across the World, bulky catalogs have given way to eCommerce Websites without limitations. In our fast-paced, always-connected World, online dating Websites are becoming the new grounds to foster lasting relationships and find a life partner. [More]

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[16 Apr 2010]

Sending a gift is part of the courting process. If there is a real connection, then you need to step up your game and send some gifts to your lady. As any man knows, giving a woman a gift is a universal sign of “I’m Into You”. [More]

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[15 Apr 2010]

You may have noticed that different membership levels allow you to send a certain number of free follow-up emails and/or introduction emails each month. For instance, Platinum Members are able to send 50 introduction emails AND 30 follow-up emails each month at no extra charge... [More]

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[2 Apr 2010]

Think about this for a minute. Try and imagine a cute Russian girl by the name of Elena. She's 26, has long blond hair, and a body to die for. Her profile is listed on Agency X's website, and her telephone number and email address are available for the bargain price of just $15... [More]

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[15 Mar 2010]

Men are often blown away by the amazing beauty of the Ukrainian women on While their remarkable appearance can't be fully explained, there is some reasoning behind the beauty... [More]

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[26 Feb 2010]

Meet SpringMelody, a 24 year-old accountant from Nikolaev who is looking for a man that is kind, caring and romantic. [More]

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[26 Jan 2010]

Five simple rules to help you have the best experience on [More]

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[21 Jan 2010]

You can sit back and let these beautiful Russian brides contact you, or you can take control and make this unique dating experience more effective and more enjoyable. [More]