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[14 May 2010]

Massive muscles? Colossal cash? Contrary to popular belief, Russian brides aren’t focused on appearance and wealth when searching for their soul mates. The following traits are what really turn Russian women on… [More]

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[11 May 2010]

The beautiful and charming NatalyStarr is a 26 year-old Ukrainian bride from Mariupol, looking for romance on [More]

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[10 May 2010]

Are you serious about finding the perfect Russian or Ukrainian woman to meet and marry as soon as possible? A premium membership is the most effective and affordable option... [More]

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[6 May 2010]

Russian women named Elizaveta celebrate their name day on May 7th. Are you chatting with any hot Russian brides who share this name? Maybe you’d like to introduce yourself to these new ladies… [More]

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[5 May 2010]

Russian name days are a wonderful way to celebrate your favorite ladies and introduce yourself to some new ones! Have you met these alluring Aleksandras? [More]

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[8 Apr 2010]

April 8th is the Russian name day for girls named Alla and Anna. Have you met these beautiful ladies yet? [More]

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[31 Mar 2010]

After the long fast of Lent, many Russians look forward to the great feast of Easter. Many customs are practiced around this important holiday, including the preparation of delicious Russian dishes… [More]

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[31 Mar 2010]

The next few days are busy for Russian name days. Here's a great opportunity to meet beautiful Russian brides named Maria, Darya, Klavdia, and Svetlana! [More]

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[24 Mar 2010]

Chatting with a beautiful bride near Berdyansk? Buy her a new bikini and head to Ukraine's largest water park by the sea... [More]

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[18 Mar 2010]

Meet 19 year-old LettleGirl, a student from Sevastopol, Ukraine on today. [More]

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[18 Feb 2010]

Meet Kiev girl YanaDestiny, a 25 year-old philologist looking for love on [More]