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[4 Jan 2011]

Some men think the ladies on Russian dating sites must be getting paid to chat with them because the girls are so gorgeous. These guys just aren’t giving themselves enough credit! Plus, hot Russian brides are looking for more than just good looks… [More]

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[22 Dec 2010]

While gentlemen can feel extra generous this time of year, they should still remember one of the most important rules of Russian dating… [More]

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[20 Dec 2010]

With over 14,000 hot Russian brides looking for love online, the chances of finding your perfect match are good! Here are 4 easy ways to start your search… [More]

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[15 Dec 2010]

The official seasonal celebrations begin in Kiev on Friday with the tree lighting ceremony at Independence Square, but that is only the start… [More]

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[10 Dec 2010]

“Sexy” is often used to describe Russian and Ukrainian women, but would you use that term to describe yourself? The qualities you need aren’t all about appearance… [More]

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[8 Dec 2010]

She’s hot, fit, and full of life… but can you really handle a relationship with a younger Ukrainian bride? [More]

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[7 Dec 2010]

In addition to sending thoughtful gifts this time of year, make these efforts to learn more about Russian and Ukrainian culture and impress your favorite ladies… [More]

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[6 Dec 2010]

Are you ready to meet your favorite ladies in person? Men who have traveled to Russia and Ukraine share some advice… [More]

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[1 Dec 2010]

Since there are plenty of beautiful, young Russian and Ukrainian ladies looking for husbands online, a significant age difference between couples is common. Before you consider a relationship with a woman 10, 20, or even 30 years younger than you, consider these issues that may arise… [More]

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[29 Nov 2010]

Although internet dating is becoming a more acceptable way to meet women from around the world, the term “mail order brides” and the stereotypes that surround them still exist… [More]

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[12 Nov 2010]

After one year of dating, Oklahoma-born baseball pitcher Brad Perry proposed to the hot Ukrainian dance star, saying they are soul mates… [More]