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[4 Sep 2012]

Ukrainian social research institutes reveal the priorities of young Ukrainian women and more... [More]

Culture and History »

[16 Aug 2012]

While some will celebrate on August 24th, others will use Ukrainian Independence Day as an opportunity to protest policies and flaunt their freedom... [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[7 Aug 2012]

While hot Russian brides are sure to increase your heart rate, so will a ride on the Dnipro River ropeway! [More]

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[28 Jun 2012]

Men from all around the world are visiting Ukraine this month for EURO 2012. What do they think about Ukrainian women and the people in general? [More]

Culture and History »

[27 Jun 2012]

Thursday, June 28th is Constitution Day in Ukraine. How will your favorite ladies be spending their long weekend? [More]

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[26 Jun 2012]

As the final matches of the European Football Championship play out in Ukraine, gentlemen wonder if Russian and Ukrainian girls are serious about their love of sports... [More]

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[5 Jun 2012]

"We met late in the evening on St. Valentine's Day. I remember every moment we spent together. I remember the giant bouquet of pink roses and his sparkling eyes..." [More]

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[4 Jun 2012]

Men often plan trips to Russia and Ukraine during the summer, but how should they proceed with the relationship once the vacation is over? [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[30 May 2012]

Ukraine's capital is hosting the final match of the European Football Championship on July 1st and the city is already buzzing with excitement... [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[29 May 2012]

Donbass Arena in Ukraine's fifth largest city will host EURO 2012 matches next month. Are you dating any girls from Donetsk? [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[21 May 2012]

Lviv, or Lvov in Russian, is considered one of the main cultural centers of Ukraine and the city will be filled with football fans next month for the European championship... [More]