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[14 May 2012]

The first European Football Championship match to take place in Ukraine will be June 9th in Kharkov, the second largest city in the country... [More]

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[11 May 2012]

28 days remain until the start of EURO 2012, hosted by Poland and Ukraine! Why not visit your favorite ladies during this exciting time? [More]

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[3 May 2012]

Traveling around Ukraine by taxi is convenient and inexpensive, but make sure to remember these helpful tips... [More]

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[1 May 2012]

Train travel is a fast and affordable way to visit several different Ukrainian girls during your vacation... [More]

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[19 Apr 2012]

Contestants of the reality show "Queen of Ukraine" are doing more than just looking pretty. The girls are developing environmental projects and even creating their own costumes from natural materials... [More]

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[23 Mar 2012]

Now is the perfect time to begin planning your summer vacation to Ukraine and here's why… [More]

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[8 Mar 2012]

Let the voting begin! This three-week-long contest is the largest virtual pageant has ever launched... [More]

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[8 Mar 2012]

When visiting Lviv, Ukraine, you may decide to dine at Café Masoch, where dominatrices are the waitresses and the menus are filled with provocative images… [More]

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[16 Feb 2012]

I am very sincere, lifeloving, romantic and passionate lady. Enjoy outdoors, and love summer time. [More]

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[15 Feb 2012]

When you're traveling to Ukraine for the vacation of a lifetime, why not treat yourself to a 5 star hotel stay? While there are already four 5 star hotels in Kyiv, four more will be opening soon... [More]

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[6 Feb 2012]

While you're meeting Russian women in an untraditional way, the one you choose to become your bride may want to incorporate some of these Russian customs into the wedding... [More]