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[11 Dec 2012]

There are over 2,000 Ukrainian wedding songs that can be divided into four categories... [More]

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[10 Dec 2012]

Gentlemen living near these UK cities are marking their calendars to experience Ukrainian art exhibitions and classical concerts... [More]

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[4 Dec 2012]

Did you know that Vancouver, British Columbia and Odessa, Ukraine were the first transatlantic sister cities? [More]

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[30 Nov 2012]

Turkish gentlemen have a lot to offer Russian and Ukrainian women. Find out why seeking love on the other side of the Black Sea could be the thing for you. [More]

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[9 Nov 2012]

As one of the main cultural centers in Ukraine, Lviv is lovely to tour during the day. But a special event known as "Night of Lviv" allows residents and visitors to explore the city after hours... [More]

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[18 Oct 2012]

They're no angels! Learn about sexy Ukrainian pop duo NeAngely. [More]

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[16 Oct 2012]

The House of Ukraine in San Diego, California promotes the art, history, customs, language, and traditions of Ukraine... [More]

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[10 Oct 2012]

Near New York? Learn more about Ukrainian culture at the Ukrainian Museum. New York's Ukrainian Museum is the largest of its kind in North America. [More]

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[3 Oct 2012]

An a cappella sextet from Lviv has been entertaining fans in Ukraine and abroad for 20 years and were one of the first a cappella groups in the country... [More]

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[2 Oct 2012]

"Firecrosser" is based on a true story and combines love and loyalty, friendship and betrayal, humor and romance, and much more. Watch the trailer right here! [More]

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[26 Sep 2012]

Small Ukrainian communities can be found in many different countries and they often celebrate Ukrainian women's beauty in prestigious pageants just like they would back home... [More]