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[9 Apr 2012]

I am very faithful. I dont believe in words, I prefer actions. But I still believe in miracles. [More]

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[5 Apr 2012]

I am complete and happy, furious and calm, strong and tender. I am a wild flower, which is fragile but strong to survive the natural elements. [More]

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[4 Apr 2012]

21-year-old student and model Karina Zhironkyna was crowned Miss Ukraine at the Kiev National Opera Theatre... [More]

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[23 Mar 2012]

Now is the perfect time to begin planning your summer vacation to Ukraine and here's why… [More]

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[8 Mar 2012]

When visiting Lviv, Ukraine, you may decide to dine at Café Masoch, where dominatrices are the waitresses and the menus are filled with provocative images… [More]

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[21 Feb 2012]

I want to make someone happy. I like men who like to hold hands and cuddle and tell their friends about me. [More]

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[15 Feb 2012]

When you're traveling to Ukraine for the vacation of a lifetime, why not treat yourself to a 5 star hotel stay? While there are already four 5 star hotels in Kyiv, four more will be opening soon... [More]

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[10 Feb 2012]

Travelers Digest recently named the Top 10 Cities with the World's Most Beautiful Women and while Moscow ladies landed the sixth spot, Kyiv girls came in first... [More]

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[10 Jan 2012]

Some men adamantly oppose huge gaps, while others view age as nothing but a number. What do you think? [More]

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[7 Dec 2011]

If you can combine qualities of caring husband, loving father and passionate lover, then I want to get acquainted with you right now... [More]

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[1 Dec 2011]

I am always try to develop and improve myself, because there is no limits for perfection and woman always has to be well-groomed to be interesting for her man... [More]