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[10 Feb 2020]

  1.      They’re Arrogant  When did all American women’s default attitude become “full-blown bitch”? While attempting to rebrand themselves as “strong, independent women,” they became unapproachable, rude, arrogant, spoiled brats. They think they’re entitled to a particular lifestyle for merely existing. AND their self-inflated ego—most of these women believe themselves, models when they’re barely a six. I don’t understand the attraction to defiance? It’s not sexy; it’s repugnant and emasculating.  There is no common courtesy anymore in engaging with them, so I prefer to avoid doing so at all costs. 2.      They Don’t Know How to Make Anything Edible—And They’re Proud of it The modern American woman does NOT know how to cook. They make f*ckin’ T-shirts about it; that’s how proud they are of their entitled incompetence.  Modern women can’t cook but love to eat! They have full Instagram’s and blogs dedicated to “Being a Foodie.” A Foodie? First, wouldn’t someone who identifies with adoring food so much it's in the nickname, know how to cook? Secondly, what the f*ck is a “Foodie,” a human? Because they do know we all need food to survive, and thus we all eat food.  3.      They Hate Men, Especially American Men Thanks to third-wave feminism movement in the 1990s and the subsequent change in modern media American women don’t merely want independence from men; they’ve created a society that openly hates us. “Cancel culture” has effectively canceled men. I’ve seen the T-shirts “Men are Shit,” “Women Don’t Owe You Shit,” I saw one chick wearing a sweatshirt that said, “Shut Up I Wear Heels Bigger Than Your D*ck”? Well, a couple of things on that…One, we’ll see dear, two—if you do, is it while you’re dancing on a pole or after?  Women without even speaking to anyone are not only wearing cheap clothing—but they’re publicly insulting all of us without yet engaging whatsoever.  Imagine the outrage if the roles were reversed—we would be considered a threat our shirt made them feel “unsafe” or “violated.” Ridiculous. 4.      They’re Overweight The average weight of The American Woman is 170 pounds. American women on average are overweight, and they’re not wearing yoga pants on their way to workout. I saw an advert yesterday that said, “Lounging Leggings” Lounging on the couch with adjustable waist pants? Forget getting all dressed up for men. They don’t even want to get out of their sweatpants. What is the average weight of Russian women? 132lbs and on average, they are three inches taller than American women (and still weigh less), Yet the average breast cup size is the same in both countries, DD.  I honestly worry about the decline and devolvement of American women as a whole. 5.      They Have Terrible Taste While mentioning American women’s obsession with leggings, figured we might as well highlight this. Since when were pajamas considered proper public attire? If you’re in America right now you wouldn't have to go further than your local supermarket to find a woman in pajamas, sweatpants, and slippers. While they used to take pride in their appearance, it's now considered a mere inconvenience to get dressed at all, let alone put on a dress and heels.  Although they somehow have become master con-artists when it comes to makeup. Have you seen some of these before and after’s? If your FaceID on your phone doesn’t recognize you after makeup (or vice-versa), you should be required to put that in your dating profile!   6.      They Aren’t That Bright I don’t mean they don’t shine because with this highlighting makeup trend you can see some of these clowns from miles away. What I mean is American women aren’t the sharpest tack in the box.  It is near impossible to an intelligent conversation with them at all, let alone get to know them beyond a superficial level. Beyond the “I  just can’t” “that’s so stupid” “like—ugh”  and whatever idiosyncrasies they’re populating these days, “you jelly”? And the dreaded truncated texting, all smartphones have full keyboards these days; American women also have the highest rate of mental illness. The girls are in fact “cray-cray” I cringe writing that, but I cringe far more at the extreme disdain I have over the intellectual and psychological decline of the American woman.   7.      They’re Materialistic and Fake There is so much emphasis on what you can buy them—designer purse, big house, luxury vehicle, vacation home—there is no more loyalty. Their loyalty is bought and paid for by whomever suitor offered them what they requested this month.  They create demands without providing much else on the table but lipstick on a pig. American women can often feel interchangeable. Dramatic, Spoiled and Fake. Between fillers, botox and whatever the f*ck contouring is—who knows what they really look like anyway. If looks are all they are offering these days and they can’t even provide it genetically. It’s all smoke and mirrors—because the truth is American women are lazy AF.   8.      American Women Wanted to Break the Glass Ceiling, but They’re Only Good at Watching it While Lying on Their Backs. Face it American Women are lazy, combative, and an overall nuisance to have in the office. Not only do they seem to gloat about low productivity, but they find time to b*tch about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Maybe if you put the same amount of effort you do gossiping you’d actually get shit done.  They’re always going on about how great they are at multi-tasking yet they never seem to complete anything on time. FYI Multi-tasking isn’t a thing. They never work well on team projects---can’t seem to get along with other female co-workers either and frequently deny issues or refuse to take responsibility for them and instead blame subordinates.  Beyond their lack of productivity and accountability, there is this fourth wave feminism shit with the “Me Too” Movement, which quite honestly has just scared us men into a place of fearing we can’t even fire ineffective workers—or create a sense of comradery in the office by hosting events anymore, let alone ask a female coworker out for a drink.

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[19 Sep 2016]

Hot Russian Brides - When it comes to beauty, it’s well known that the stunning Russian & Ukrainian women reign supreme. They have been renowned for their beauty, fitness, intelligence and grace, which was often immortalized in the arts and countless works of literature. Not only that, but they are also famous for their refined manners and unmatched success in relationships. A man looking for a wife should look no further than the stunning Russian & Ukrainian women currently spending time as chat room girls to find their soulmates. Lily, one of many chat room girls hoping to become hot Russian brides, is the perfect illustration of why a man should pick Russian women when choosing a wife. Not only is she an utterly gorgeous Sagittarius with her creamy skin, full lips and long, perfectly toned legs--but at nineteen years of age she’s already a financially-stable beauty salon manager who knows exactly what she wants: a loving, caring American husband. In addition, Lily--like many stunning Russian & Ukrainian women presently chat room girls --also wants a big family. According to The Moscow Times, family values is one advantage of marrying a Russian woman. Any man who wants his better half to dote on him and look after the housework and their children, and not be an independent feminist type will be happy with a Russian wife.[1] And Lily is ready to make her prospective husband feel as special as he deserves to feel. All she wants in return is a man who will appreciate her, is a great listener and wants a partner for life. For Lily is one of the many Russian ladies who believe that family should be the most important thing in a woman’s life. The notions that a woman’s calling is to become a mother and marriage means children are very strong in their culture and upbringing. This means that if you promise her family and kids, she will be willing to overlook many shortcomings, because you help her fulfill her Destiny.[2] On her profile, she mentions how important communication with her future partner is and how she intends to fill his life with optimism and happiness. She loves socializing and traveling and wants an American husband to share than wonderful life with her, for in her profile she mentions that what she hates most is loneliness. She also highlights how integral it is for her to maintain her exquisite looks and physique for her man so he can always fully appreciate her. This is no surprise, since Russian women don’t see responsibilities in a marriage as a burden, but as a labor of love. [3] The beautiful Lily also states that she loves to cook and cannot wait to shower her future husband with all her delicious recipes. The conclusion here is this: stunning Russian & Ukrainian women truly make the perfect wives. 

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[14 Aug 2016]

Russian women are fit. And Russian women are beautiful. Are they so beautiful only because they are also so fit? No, but the two really do go hand in hand. They are trim and they are svelte, and in that way they are incredibly sexy. No man can argue with that. No man will argue with that! If he dares, then he will meet a challenge. You will challenge him once you have seen for yourself. Have you been to Go once and without a doubt you will return. Go there to chat with women. Yes, Russian women. Hot Russian women. Chat with women who are Russian and learn more about them. Learn to love them, and hope that they will love you, too. Well, at least one of them. The special one that you may meet. Be prepared for romance. Russian women expect it. They demand it, really, but you may be happy to oblige them. You certainly should be, and if you are, you will be rewarded. Romance to the Russian beauty really means engagement. They wish to practice romance with their partner, whether husband or just boyfriend, and in that way deepen their love. There is more to romance than just courtship, and even more than intense animal passion. Romance involves mystery, and with your Russian beauty, it will be the mystery of love. Back to fitness. Do you like sports? You had better, because Russian women love it. Take a Russian girl outside for an off-road hike and you can only hope that she doesn't leave you in the dust. Toss her a basketball and don't be surprised if she sneaks right by you and swishes the ball for two. Soccer? Forget about it. It's nearly in their blood. The Russian life is a sporting life, and the girls live by it. At, chat with women about sports and you might learn a thing or two. Of course, what these beautiful Russian women are really looking for is a man to build a future with. They are devoted to family. Chat with women who are Russian and you will quickly learn that. Most of them want children, and they will be perfect for it. They will be perfect mothers. They will be perfect wives, too. They will be as devoted to their husbands as they will hope that their husbands are to them. Most of all, these gorgeous Russian women are looking for a match. They dream of meeting a man that they will love for life. If one meets you, she will certainly hope the match will be with you. Will it be? That is unknown so far. Go to the website and see what you will find. There is plenty of beauty, and much more even than that. It will be up to you to discover just what. They are from a different world, but it is a world that is ruled by love. Find a Russian woman for yourself a let that love rule your life.

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[5 Aug 2016]

Learn Russian Women before Dating Dating a Russian woman is, for many men, a new, yet exciting experience. Perhaps the beautiful woman you're soon to meet is the woman of your dreams. How can you ensure that the love ahead is one that you embrace with the characteristics that keep her lovingly on your arm? Dating a Russian woman is a far different experience than dating a woman of another culture. Before embarking upon this new venture in life, get to know what Russian women like; what they don't like; the type of man that most piques their curiosity. These important factors can take your friendship to the next level. Romance is something that women of all cultures desire from their intimate partner. She loves a man that brings her flowers, sings sweet songs softly into her ear, and otherwise shows her the true meaning of love. If you are a man that lacks romance, dating a Russian woman may not be right for you. Russian women are known being strong and fierce, so while they love romance, they won't take nicely to a man unable to fulfil their needs. To take your relationship to the next level, ensure that you are a man that can be the king of the castle while enabling her to be the queen. According to a 2011 study, Russians fall in love quicker than their American counterparts. Do things correctly and she'll be by your side until death do you part. What man wouldn't appreciate being treated like a king? When you date a Russian woman, she is always going to put you above all else. In marriage, Russian women prioritize their husbands and their children, so you can ensure that your life is one that is fulfilling each and every single day. Now, don't think for a minute that Russian woman are plain and boring and lack any type of excitement for life. Just the opposite is true, in fact, as Russian women love to smile, drink, dance, and be with their family and friends. According to the Way to Russia Guide, Russians are among the best in the world when it is time to have a good time. Weekly World News reports that Russian women have one drink of Vodka nightly with their mate to relax the mood. While there is always time for romance and being the queen to her king, the Russian woman still understands the importance of living life to the fullest. It is quite possible that her adventurous lifestyle can help you encounter unimaginable possibilities that fulfil your every possible desire in life. As you enjoy new encounters with beautiful Russian women, keep the information above in mind. Even as you chat women online, these tips will help ensure that you start the relationship off the right way, charming your way into her world and helping extend the life of your relationship so that it can bloom into something truly magical and out of this world. Isn't this what you are after when you begin any new relationship with a beautiful woman?  

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[22 Jul 2016]

Find A Lasting love online. In today's busy world, it is not always easy for a professional man to find the woman of his dreams. While many professional men may choose to hang out in the local bar in an attempt to find a woman worth committing to a serious relationship, the bar is hardly the place to find a good woman who will make a great lifetime companion. If you are a working professional man and you are tired of the lame bar scene in your quest to find the woman of your dreams, you may want to consider thinking outside the box by visiting At our website, we have a plethora of beautiful, kind and caring Russian woman who are just dying to meet professional American men just like you to build a loving relationship with. These woman love to cook, clean, and worship their boyfriends in ways many American woman don't. These woman value home life and family, and they want a man they can treat like a king. Not only that, but Russian woman are considered to be some of the most beautiful woman in the world, and they really want to please their men. If this sounds good to you, you may want to consider exploring the option of finding the perfect Russian mail order bride for you. Typically, there is a stigma that comes from the term mail order brides. Many people think these women are just using their looks to find financial security form a successful American man, but this is far from the truth. Just like any woman, mail order brides are looking for a long lasting love with a man who will truly worship them. They are also looking for opportunities they might not find in their home country. Mail order brides have good hearts and are looking for the right man to spend their lives with. If you are a man who wants to be involved in a long lasting relationship with a high quality woman, mail order brides from  may be the right place for you to find love. If you need further convincing, know that Russian woman consider their physical appearance to be of the utmost importance. Not only that, but they enjoy having fun, they love to cook, they love to be sexy for their men and please them in every way, they truly value home and family, and they are extremely intelligent woman who have a lot to offer in the way of meaningful conversation. If you are tired of the lame dating scene and would like more options when it comes to finding the love of your life,Hot Russian Brides International Dating Site may be just the website you have been looking for. Please explore our website and see how easy it can be to find the woman of your dreams.  


[13 Jul 2016]

For most of the 20th century, Russia was cut off from the Western world. Now that the borders have been opened for decades, it is clear that some of the most beautiful and desirable women in the world hail from this extraordinary country. Russia has a long, rich cultural history that its inhabitants are very proud of, and single Russian women tend to be well-educated and acquainted with this history. Their knowledge and appreciation of their own culture also results in their eagerness to learn about other languages and cultures. As an example of the Russian people's dedication to and immersion in culture and fine arts, the Russian ballet, which has a long history, remains very popular with contemporary audiences. In the late 20th century, as ballet became less popular throughout the West, it continued to thrive in Russia, and many of the world's great ballet dancers hail from there. Children's ballet schools are still very popular throughout the country. Many single Russian women will have done ballet as a child and seen many performances throughout their lives. Literature is another Russian cultural strength. From the 19th century powerhouses like Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Anton Chekhov to the 20th century science fiction pioneers the Strugatsky brothers to modern-day "new realism" writers such as Alexandr Karasyov, writers are a vital part of Russian culture. Single Russian women are likely to have grown up with the work of many of these world-renowned writers on the shelves of their homes. Theater, music and art are also among the cultural strengths of Russia. The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is one of the great art museums of the world. The beauty seen in these fine arts is an important aspect of Russian culture, and this is reflected in both the interior and exterior of single Russian women. Like most Europeans, Russians are far more likely to be bilingual than Americans. English is a popular second language, and some single Russian women may have also traveled to other parts of Europe and experienced different languages and cultures. For the most part, Russian women who are seeking romance outside of the country are eager to learn about the rest of the world and to share their own culture with others. For many Americans, Russia is still a largely alien culture. Because American pop culture is so popular throughout the world, Russian women are likely to know more about American culture than Americans do about Russian culture. However, Russian women are anxious to share their pride in their culture and to learn more about American culture than the superficial picture they might have been presented in American films and other pop culture exports. Getting to know Russian single women means getting to know the soul of a country as well as a woman.  

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[17 Jun 2016]

A Russian Mail Order Bride Can Make Your Dreams of Love and Family a Reality Dating is rough, but most people want to find that perfect person, but don't have the strength to go out night, after night, after night looking for Ms. Right. One may never have even considered Russian mail order brides as an option, but after one too many bad date, and meeting some underwhelming people who do not share your interests, passions or values, looking into mail order brides doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Whether you are young-at-heart and want to have a lot of fun out dancing and bar-hopping with your bride-to-be-for a few years before you settle down with a family, or if you are more settled and know that a domestic life is what you want, you can find the right woman for you by looking into a mail order bride from Russia. Russian women are notoriously attractive--some would dare say that they are the most drop-dead gorgeous women on the planet. Many Russian women are models, and even those who aren't typically look like they are. And while hot Russian mail order brides are likely to be beauties, these women have vast interests and personalities. Like us all, some women like shopping, and others are outdoorsy. Some love books or movies, while others are all about animals and community service. Football stadiums may interest some women, while a beach is the preferred venue of relation for another. Everyone has their chosen interests, and everyone is unique. The right girl is out there, and perhaps she one of the potential mail order brides from Russia? However, for those bent on finding true love, it is possible to find a soulmate, even from afar. It just takes an open mind and an open heart and taking the first step to look into mail order brides from Russia. What are the qualities one wants in a spouse? A best friend? Lover? Mother? Caretaker? Laughing buddy? Someone to grow old with? A genuine life partner? These mail order brides are looking for the same things too. It is just a matter of finding the right person, and going this route means that so much red tape can be avoided. A good connection is a good connection. A Relationship can progress in a way that is comfortable to all involved parties. Russians are known to be a passionate people. Love and romance is important, but so is family, fun and tradition. A Russian mail order bride is typically looking for a mix of passion and stability. Just finding someone who is kind and wants to hear about your day can make you smile. However, knowing that that this beauty also wants to build a strong sexy, intimate connection with you too makes you the luckiest man on earth. By looking into finding the perfect Russian woman from a selection of possible mail order brides, you may make all of your dreams come true.  

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[22 Jul 2013]

Critics often deride Hot Russian Brides by claiming the women on our site are gold diggers who are more interested in money and gifts then finding a match. Here’s why the critics are wrong. [More]

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[19 Jul 2013]

An ancient Oriental legend claims that if butterflies surround you, happiness will soon follow. We believe the same is true of Russian and Ukrainian women.


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[18 Jul 2013]

The Odessa Zoo's "Day of Horses" gave horse-loving women the chance to celebrate their favorite animals in a fun and festive way. [More]

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[17 Jul 2013]

Critics claim skimpy clothing is the sign of scammers or women for hire, but that’s hardly an accurate statement. Here’s what’s up with the women’s sexy style of dress. [More]