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[15 Jul 2013]

What do healthy living, breakdancing, and Jewish music have in common? They all have their own festivals this week in Sevastopol, Yalta, and Lviv. [More]

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[11 Jul 2013]

Ever wonder where the women of HRB are from? Here's the answer... [More]

Russian Bride of the Day »

[10 Jul 2013]

For our Lady of the Day, Marcellina, to find true love, he needs to meet one very important requirement. What is it? Read on to find out. [More]

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[9 Jul 2013]

Many men on Hot Russian Brides have children from a previous relationship and worry that the women aren’t interested in dating men with kids. Here's what Russian women think about the issue. [More]

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[5 Jul 2013]

There are several reasons a woman (or man) might use HRB for years. Here a few of them. [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[5 Jul 2013]

The first official Penthouse Club has opened in Ukraine’s second largest city, combining old world elegance with modern state-of-the-art technology... [More]

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[3 Jul 2013]

Are you the romantic, faithful man Katerinie is searching for? [More]

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[2 Jul 2013]

Planning a trip to Ukraine? Wizz Air, the nation's largest budget airline, will soon open a new hub and offer four new routes to European travelers. [More]

Russian Bride of the Day »

[27 Jun 2013]

Find out what MashaFlower thinks about love, life, and the man of her dreams. [More]

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[25 Jun 2013]

Though Russian dating is slowly gaining acceptance, the industry still has its share of critics. Here are three of the most common objections to Russian dating and why these objections are often flawed.

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[24 Jun 2013]

Wondering if there's an optimal time to chat with the women of HRB? Here are a few things you should know. [More]